ISEE Certification

ISEE for University financial Aid

The ISEE indicator assesses the effective income and asset situation of those requesting financial aid, and is obtained by combining and assessing three factors: income, assets and the composition of the household.

The assessment of your request for financial aid will consider your household in combination with that of your parents, unless both of the following conditions are met:

  • you have lived away from your family home for at least two years prior to submitting your application to each study programme for the first time, in accommodation not owned by a family member;
  • you have income from employment or declarable tax income of at least EUR 6,500.00 with reference to a single-person household.

ISEE certification is needed to access all university study entitlements. Please note that ISEE certification will not be considered in the following cases:

  • the certification was submitted after the deadline;
  • you do not meet the minimum merit criteria needed to access entitlements;
  • you enrolled in an academic year after the foreseen deadlines;
  • you have not compiled and sent the online request to access entitlements;
  • you already have a university diploma at the same level.

How to request ISEE and financial aid

ISEE Certification

Students resident in Italy:

Students who are Italian nationals residing in Italy or, who are non-Italian nationals, independent and officially Italian residents are required to apply for ISEE to access university study fee reductions. This is done by completing the DSU form (Dichiarazione Sostitutiva Unica – Self-Certification Form), that contains information regarding family household composition and the financial and asset situation of each of its members.  The form may be completed directly on the INPS (Italian Social Security Institution) page at “servizi online”. Alternatively, students may refer either to a CAF (Centro di Assistenza Fiscale – Centre providing tax assistance services) or to a professional tax consultant. Should more than one student from the same family household be applying for financial aid, both are required to provide ISEE certification.On average, ISEE certification is issued within 10 workings from DSU completion.The ISEE paper copy is not to be handed in to the University, which will receive autonomously only in the case that you have already compiled and submitted the online financial aid request.ISEE certification must be submitted by September 30th, 2016 (for this purpose the date considered is the one on the receipt issued when you submit your DSU). A second deadline, December 16th, 2016, is foreseen only for fee reduction requests.


Foreign national students or Italian nationals residing abroad:

If you are a foreign national or an Italian residing abroad, you may access study entitlements via the ISEE parificato (ISEE equivalent) used for situations not included by ISEE certificates. You are required to apply for an ISEE parificato if you are:

  • a foreign national university student who does not reside in Italy;
  • an Italian national university student who does not reside in Italy;
  • a foreign national university student residing in Italy but who is not financially independent.

The CAF CGIL, operating with the University, helps students with the paperwork needed to acquire the ISEE parificato. The service is free of charge and by appointment only:

  • Venice offices, Fondamenta del Gafaro 3536; tel. +39 041 549 1188
  • Mestre offices, via Ca’ Marcello 10; tel. +39 041 549 1100.

Please arrive at the CAF offices with all the documentation required for the ISEE parificato. This certificate is calculated on the basis of the documentation presented regarding income and assets owned abroad. This information will be transmitted to the University directly by the CAF and does not need to be presented to University offices.
The deadline for appointments with the CAF is September 30th, 2016 (the date stamp on the receipt issued on presentation of the DSU will be taken as proof).  The December 16th, 2016 deadline is foreseen only for fee reductions.

Please note: if you are enrolling for the first time and, to date, do not possess a student number, you are still required to register on the University website and complete the online pre-evaluation procedure before referring to the CAF.

Requesting entitlements

In order to request financial aid (reductions in fees, scholarships or collaborations) as well as submitting your ISEE certification you will also have to compile the online financial aid request in your Personal Area on the university website from July 18th, 2016 to September 30th, 2016. The December 16th, 2016 deadline is foreseen only for fee reduction requests and is made on payment of a €50.00 charge. This charge must be paid on submitting the request even if the student is not entitled to any reductions.
By filling in the online financial aid request you are authorising the university to receive all the information contained in your ISEE certification from INPS (Italian Institute of Social Insurance).

If you encounter any difficulties in retrieving your the financial aid request in your Personal Area, please click here.

After completing the form you must confirm your request for it to be considered valid, thus completing thus completing the electronic submission of the request and eliminating the need to submit it in paper form.

The IT system will issue a receipt that will also be sent via email to the student’s address (student’ and which must be kept as proof of submission.

Pay attention

The university is required by law to carry out random checks every year to confirm the truthfulness and accuracy of information submitted in self-certification. Making a false declaration is not only a criminal offence, but will lead to administrative penalties being applied.

Last update: 04/02/2019