Thesis submission

Deposito tesi

PhD graduates must submit their theses within each study cycle’s deadlines as follows:

  • upload the digital version of your thesis in the appropriate Reserved Area;
  • hand in a paper copy of your thesis to the Doctoral Administration Office (Segreteria Didattica) for the University Archives.

The paper will then undergo anti-plagiarism assessment in order to identify any potential illegitimate use of sources drawn from the Internet.

Plagiarism self-check of thesis/final paper draft

You may verify your thesis draft at any time for suspect materials, sourcing materials and to help you correctly reference material in your bibliography. Plagiarism assessment is free of charge for up to four “analysis credits”, corresponding to approximately 40 pages.

To access the service fill in the online form at:

Please remember that if you access the service directly from the web site the free analysis credits offered by the University are not available.

Uploading the final versions

Your paper is to be uploaded in your Reserved Area > Student Services – Esse 3 > Degree > Upload Thesis and verify Supervisor’s consent > Upload.
The file must be in PDF/A format [ITA] and should not be over 10 Mbyte.

Please remember to check that your paper has been successfully uploaded and to update any information regarding your final exam application if needed. Please pay particular attention that information regarding the title of your thesis, the abstract, the language, teaching activities, key words and open access is correct.

You may upload your paper as often as needed within the interval opened for thesis submission.
Students whose theses are not uploaded within the indicated interval will be excluded from the Viva-voce.

Plagiarism assessment

COMPILATIO.NET software is used by the University to assess all documents for plagiarism at the end of the upload period. The results of the assessment will be visible in students’ Reserved Area > Thesis Upload and degree application verification strating from:

  • December 17th, 2019  - for PhD students of 32nd cycle
  • June 9th, 2020 - for PhD students of 32nd cycle with semestral extension

In the event high percentages of significant similarities with other sources are found in your paper, your supervisor will evaluate whether to approve the thesis or, if in need of modification, grant the graduand a 14 day extension to make the necessary amendments.

Print copy submission

Within deadlines, PhD students must deliver to the Doctoral Administration Office (Segreteria Didattica del Dottorato):

  • a print copy of your thesis for the University Archive;
  • an abstract as a summary in both Italian and English and/or other foreign language as indicated by the Doctoral Examining Board (bound to the thesis);
  • the disclaimer: declaring the electronic submission of the doctoral thesis (bound to the thesis).

The final thesis may also be written in a foreign language with prior authorization by the Doctoral Examining Board.

All copies of your thesis must be countersigned by your Supervisor and by the Doctoral Coordinator.

As soon as the Examining Commission is appointed, graduands must send either a print copy of their thesis or a digital copy to each member of the Commission.

Upload to university archive

Once your thesis has been assessed, it will be automatically uploaded to the University Archive and made freely available.

Once your thesis has been uploaded electronically you are under no legal obligation to deposit a print copy at the Central National Libraries.
Electronic thesis deposit falls within the Institutional Open Archive Project.

Last update: 05/12/2022