Tuition fees

Tasse e contributi universitari

Tuition Fees a.y. 2017/2018  
PhD Degrees

The introduction of the "Student Act" (Law 232 of 11th December 2016) in Italy has established that students enrolled in a PhD Programme without scholarships benefit from tuition exemption.

You can only pay for the full academic year of 2017/2018:

  • the regional tax for financial aid (the amount is still being defined by the Veneto Region)
  • stamp duty of EUR 16,00

The regional tax for financial aid is calculated in proportion to the ISEE indicator for financial aid declared by the student:

Category ISEE values Regional tax amount
1 from 0,00 EUR to 15.748,78 EUR from 125,00 to 144,99 EUR
2 from 15.748,79 EUR to 31.497,56 EUR from 145,00 to 165,99 EUR
3 over 31.497,57 166,00 EUR

The regional tax for financial aid is determined proportionally to the declared ISEE value. The effective tax amount will be established after a recalculation of the tax balance by September 30th 2017 (or by December 20th 2017 with a penalty surcharge of EUR 50,00) on submission of both documents:

  • benefit application form, to be compiled online in the Personal Area;
  • ISEE certificate for university financial aid.
First instalment

The first instalment should be paid by:

  • first year students prior to the deadline stipulated in the call;
  • all other students by September 30th. 

If the amount of the 1st instalment paid together with the regional tax for financial aid exceeds the amount effectively due, the difference will be refunded during the summer exclusively through a deposit on the Ca' Foscari's Multiservice Card.

Penalty Surcharge

Late payment is permitted only for students enrolling in their second year or successive years only. It involves the following penalty surcharges:

  • EUR 50,00 Euro for the first installment from October 1st 2017 to October 30th 2017;
  • EUR 200,00 for the first installment after October 31st.
Second instalment

The second installment is due if you have to pay default interests. It will be calculated in April 2018 and published in a specific notice on the University homepage.

Subsequently you will be able to check the actual payments on your Personal Area.

For information you will receive a notice on the institutional email address,

The payment for the second installment should be done by May 15th 2018.

Tax deductions

You can deduct the expenses acquired from enrolment in the PhD programme when making your income tax declaration. Tuition fees can be deducted.

Monitoring Payment Status

By logging on to the Personal Area of the University website ( you can check (in the section labeled Payments):

  • status of payments;
  • amount due for the second instalment, available from April 2018.

For the academic year 2017/2018, the payment of the tuition fees will be done through the new system PagoPA to guarantee safe electronic payments for public administration.

This initiative is promoted by the Presidency of the Council of Ministers and each public administration must subscribe to it.

pago PA

To pay you must enter the “Payments” section of your Personal Area and find the pending invoice to:

  • pay online: click on the “Pay online” button and choose between:

    • Credit Card, using one of the suggested banking institution;
    • Bank transfer (homebanking): check the list of the credit institutions to see if it mentions yours. If it does you can select it and proceed with the payment.

  • pay in person: click on the “Payment Notification” button and print the payment notice to submit it to the authorized undertaking or to a credit institution involved with the PagoPA system [IT].

The payment will be automatically recorded in our management system in the following days after the actual payment.

If you want to enroll in a PhD programme in the a. y. 2017/2018 but you do not have a scholarship, you can apply to the regional scholarship call which will be published at mid-July 2017.

Participation is conditional upon:

  • income: the ISEE for university financial aid and the financial situation must be lower than provided for in the call;
  • academic value: students who apply for the first time must be enrolled in a PhD programme; the others must present the enrolment requirements established in the relevant outline of educational programme.

Last update: 09/03/2020