Academic year: 2019/2020

Level of qualification

Bachelor’s Degree Programme

Ministerial degree code

L-18 (Science of International Business and Economics)

Announcements and Regulations

The teaching regulations of the study course depend on the following organisational aspects: educational goals, access methods, study plan, exams, final exam, job opportunities, etc. Throughout their university career, students must refer to the teaching regulations enforced from their matriculation.


H-Campus, Ca’ Tron, Roncade, Treviso.
For information please contact the Economics Campus:

Head of studies

Prof. Anna Comacchio (



Access to the programme

Programmed, 105 places available.

Quota reserved to non-EU students residing outside Italy: 10 seats, of which 1 is reserved for a Chinese student living in China, under the Marco Polo Project..

The admission onto the Digital Management degree programme is permitted after passing the TOLC-E online test, created by CISIA – the Inter-University Consortium for Integrated Admission Systems (

For admissions, an adequate understanding of English language at level B2, at least, is required.

Admission Requirements

To access the course, a previous suitable background is required. Each curriculum requires specific knowledge, which the student should have before enrolling the university in order to attend the course successfully. This knowledge may be verified before enrolling.

If the result of the test is negative, the student can enroll, but they receive a supplementary required exam (OFA), which means that the student must fill any gaps in their background through specific activities organized by the University.

More information on OFA for this programme is available on the web page dedicated to admission testing.

Learning outcomes

This programme, offered by Ca’ Foscari in collaboration with H-Farm, is the first Digital Management course in Italy. It aims at training a selected group of professionals able to grasp the challenges of digital transformation.

The course is taught in English, and is characterised by its innovation of both contents and methods: the interdisciplinary academic lectures are integrated with direct field experimentation, teamwork and project work.

During the first year you will learn the fundamentals of digital management an economic and business basis. During the second year, you will develop technical and managerial skills in the fields of e-commerce, cyber-security and digital organisations of companies. In the third year students will participate in workshops on software project development, computer security and human centered design.

During the three years of the course, the students can take part in various initiatives to accelerate new ideas that animate H-Campus: hackathon, demo-night, a business plan competition. The students participate and have the opportunity to see how the best ideas are funded within the world of business.

Occupational profiles

The employment and professional opportunities of high responsibility provided by the degree programmes are in: 

  • Technology, being able to manage projects and implement innovative solutions in the field of information computer systems and network technologies, taking into account commercial, socio-organizational and regulatory issues;
  • Company-organization, being able to govern complex organizations which use modern technologies, such as in the area of ​​e-commerce services;
  • Economics and law, being in possession of legal and socio-communicative instruments to act according to design technologically innovative solutions in public and private institutions, as in the electronic Government sector. 



Final exams and graduation

The training process will be extremely operational, built on company project work, with plenty of space for group work. It strives to produce concrete results, articulated on a very wide range of skills in the digital, organizational, managerial, financial and motivational fields.

The final exam will consist of enterprise project work and will be the synthesis of the learning process in the classroom, the placement in one of the startups of the H Farm ecosystem or other companies, and also of specific project work at the same company or another of the companies that contribute to the success of the course.

Access to further studies

Professional Master's programmes (1st level) and Master’s degree programmes

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