The degree programme in Digital Management is of limited admission and expect candidates to carry out a test  that, as well as ensuring the possession of an adequate initial preparation, gives access to an  list of admissions: in fact, registration is conditioned by the position of a candidate on the ranking list.

All the relevant information on how to pre-register, select and enrol will be included in the admissions call.

For NON-EU students residing outside Europe, the admission test will consist on participating in an interview with our Professors via Skype in order to verify the entry requirements and also the motivational and cultural skills acquired.

New Call for application

Please be notified that after the scrolling of the ranking list for a.y. 2020/2021 eventual remaining places will be reassigned.

In order to apply for one, you will need to fill out an online application form: the link will be available at the end of this section from August 25th to August 26th.

You will only be admitted to the selection if you have already taken a TOLC-E or English TOLC-E exam between January 1st, 2019 and July 31st, 2020.

The admissions procedure occurs as follows:

  • taking the TOLC-E exam and online pre-registration to Ca’ Foscari selection;
  • carrying out the selection interview;
  • inclusion on the ranking list;
  • online matriculation and first payment of taxes and university contributions.

If you are a candidate with a disability or with DSA, you can make use of individualized procedures for taking the test

All the specific information on the available assistance is in the admission announcement and on the services for disabled and DSA students webpage; the request is present during the TOLC-E registration.

Taking the TOLC-E test

The process of taking the TOLC-E test is as follows:

  • signing up for the test on the CISIA [ITA] website;
  • payment of the contribution to the university to the test equal to 30,00 Euros following the process indicated on the CISIA website when signing up for the TOLC-E.

Dates and locations

You can take the TOLC-E through any of the Italian universities making use of this testing platform. You can find a list of these institutions and the dates in which they are offering the test in the calendar of testing dates [ITA].

Ca' Foscari is offering the TOLC-E via the TOLC@CASA – or TOLC@HOME – service. For the first of the three testing periods, the dates are as follows:

  • May 27th and 29th;
  • June 5th and 8th.

Before you register to take the TOLC@CASA, be sure to check that you can satisfy the technical requirements [ITA] for taking the test remotely and read the test regulations.

Apart from the technical requirements, you must also upload the following documents to your personal area on the CISIA website [ITA] by 10:00AM on the day before the date of your test (please note: if you are taking the test on a Monday, you must upload your documents by 10:00AM on the preceding Friday):

  • An official identity document (“Gestione prenotazioni” section);
  • Your photo (“Visualizza/modifica dati personali” section).

For additional information about registering to take the TOLC-E, please contact the Help Desk via telephone or email.

Please note: You do not have to take the TOLC-E through Ca’ Foscari! You can register to take the test via any of the universities offering it and your results will be used in the evaluation of your candidancy for your chosen programme(s) at Ca’ Foscari.

In order to take part in the first selection round, you need to have taken the TOLC-E any time between January 2019 and midnight on 31st July 2020.

Pre-registering to the Ca’ Foscari selection process

Pre-registering to the Ca’ Foscari selection process will come into effect from 11th June until 31st Julyand allows you to be placed in the ranking of results achieved from taking the TOLC-E test. If you have taken the test more than once, your best result will be considered.

With your Username and Password assigned to you at the end of the registration process you must access the Personal Area following this path: Secretary to Student Services - ESSE3 > Admissions test. 

Once you have concluded the pre-registration process you will receive a confirmation email to the email address stated in the registration process.

Verification and fulfillment of OFA (Additional Learning Requirements)

To access the degree programmes, an adequate understanding of mathematics and English at level B2, at least, is required.

In particular, the admissions test also operates as a verification of the Additional Learning Obligations (OFA) for Mathematics. In case of failure, or if you achieve a mark lower than 3 as a sum of the marks obtained from the 13 mathematics questions, you will be assigned an OFA.

In cases of attributing an OFA in Mathematics, it will not be possible to pass any other examinations in business administration, economics, mathematics or statistics before fulfilling the OFA. If the OFA has not been completed by September 30th 2021, you will not be able to take any exams in any field until completion.

English language at level B2, at least, will have to be guaranteed from the moment of enrolment through the presentation of obtained certificates or possible titles: see the specific web page to consult the list of linguistic certifications and cases of exemption.  Otherwise, you will not be able to enrol. 

Selection interview

On 6th August 2020, the list of those admitted to the selection interview will be published following the path Enrol> Evaluation results.

Place acceptance and enrolment

Place acceptance of successful candidates placed on the ranking list will be carried out by 27th August 2020: according to what is required on the selection announcement. possible remaining vacant spots after the place acceptance can be re-assessed.


The process of matriculation consists of two parts:

  • Completion of the online pre-matriculation form;
  • Payment of the first installment of the tuition fees and university taxes: The payment must be carried out using the PagoPA system, clicking on the payment button when finishing the registration procedure.

The contribution cannot be reimbursed in any case.

Failure to comply with the deadline specified above results in loss of the right of registration: if you encounter any problems, contact the Matriculation Sector before the deadline.

Processing registration form

Accepting the place and payment of the first installment does not mean that the student is automatically enrolled. Enrollment will be developed by the Matriculation Sector and communicated via email.

For students who have obtained a degree outside Italy, enrollment will be possible only after the pre-evaluation procedure. For more information please contact the Welcome Unit.

Particular Cases

Remember that it is possible to enrol in a degree programme requesting again for:

Last update: 17/11/2020