How to apply

Come partecipare

Before applying

  • Read carefully the Call for applications and the information about the PhD Programme for which you want to apply (Annex "A");
  • Check the admission requirements (art. 3) listed in the Call and in Annex "A";
  • If you have obtained a degree abroad, please refer to art. 4 of this Call or to the webpage concerning the admission requirements;
  • Make sure that you have the documents to be submitted online in the allowed format (PDF).

The PhD Office has prepared a list of F.A.Q. to respond quickly to the frequent questions.


file pdfCall 2021/2022 and Annex A
Issued with Rector’s Decree No. 258 of March, 9th 2021
1.20 M

If you need further assistance, please write an email to

Deadline to apply

The application form must be completed exclusively online, before Wednesday, April 21st 2021, no later than 1 PM (Italian time), under penalty of exclusion.

To be considered valid, all candidates must submit their applications using the online procedure as referred to in the above paragraph.

Do not wait until the due date to apply! If you find you're missing some documents and have problems with internet connection you might not succeed in applying just in time. Even if you have to hand over any printed material, please, do it before the deadline: you may find a queue.

Incomplete applications, applications lacking the obligatory academic qualifications shall not be considered valid.

How to apply online

The submission of the application is in two steps, both mandatory to the proper participation in this tender (see also Article 6 paragraph 2 of the Call):

First Step

  • Registration on the university website; you will find all information about Registration and password recovery if you already have registrated at  Registration and password recovery page. WARNING: Do registration does not mean you have applied; To apply read Second Step (below).
  • TAX CODE:  tax code is an alphanumeric code that needs for italian fiscal purpose. It is not a problem if you have not an italian tax code: when you insert your personal data, the computer system will automatically calculate the tax code. Remind that code because you have to use the same on the second step of on line application.

Second Step

  • Access to the links for the PhD programme you want to partecipate.

If you need to apply for more PhDs, you need to do more separate applications accessing different links indicated in the notice and filling in all the fields whenever.

WARNING: Candidates who wish to apply for the PhDs programme divided into curriculum, may apply for only one curriculum in the PhD.

IMPORTANT WARNING:  The application code will be used to identify the candidate during the various stages of the selection process (evaluation of qualifications and tests). It will published  name and surname only of successfull and eligible candidates on the University website.

Be sure to complete the online application: your application will be fulfilled after receive an email with a receipt with code candidate's application (if you do not receive the email, check your junk mail box / Spam, might be over there). Incomplete applications will not be accepted.

In the email is also shown the link from where you can access the application to consult / modify it using your tax code and the code assigned, always within the deadline stipulated by the call.

Compulsory qualifications to the application

The qualifications and publications required by the forms included with this call for applications (Annex "A") must be attached to the online application form in a PDF format and enclosed with files not larger than 10 MB, no later than Wednesday, April 21st 2021 - at 1:00 PM.

You may also add, delete or modify the attached documents after completion of the online application, on condition that you do so by 1.00 PM on Wednesday, April 21st 2021. 

Other way attachments delivery will not be considered.

Pursuant to Presidential Decree (D.P.R.)  no. 445 of 28 December 2000, as amended by article 15, paragraph 1, of Law no. 183 of 12th November 2011, Italian and European citizens are required to submit only a self-declaration with regard to the following personal statuses and details, as certified by Public Administrations, specified in this call for applications and the accompanying forms (Annex "A").

All documents must be written preferably in Italian or English, or translated into Italian or English by and under the responsibility of the candidates, with the exception of the documentation relating to the qualification that allows access to the Doctorate (see art.4 of the Call).

As provided for the art. 5 of the call for application, it is necessay to enclose the following documents to the application form in order to participate in the competition:

  • curriculum vitae et studiorum (European format);
  • PhD proposal research;
  • abstract of the Master's degree thesis (10.000 characters including spaces);
  • transcript certificate of the Master's degree awarded with the list of exams taken with grades;

It's also necessary to enclose:

  • a valid copy of a non expired identity document

In the Annex "A" of the call, please see other mandatory and optional qualifications provided for each PhD programme.

Some PhD programme foresee the admission qualification useful to participate in the Call within a period specified from the date of issue of the Call, which is March, 9th 2021.

Only for PhD Programmes in Modern Languages, Cultures and Societies and Linguistics, Ancient Heritage and Asian and African Studies

As foreseen in Annex A of the Call, the PhD programme above require candidates to declare their knowledge of one or more foreign languages, in addition to English.

In order to be able with this request, it is necessary to indicate these languages in the appropriate Languages field, which can be found in the online application or attach a special declaration among the optional documentation.

Next you find the format that can be used for this purpose.

Placed reserved to scholarship holders of foreign states

In the case of applicant with scholarship holders of foreign states, he/she must be in possession of the scholarship within 31st July 2021 and will must accompany the application with specific statement, as in the attached format, in the section Optional qualifications.

To enroll, winner will have to send within 31st July 2021 to PostLauream Office via e-mail a specific declaration by Scholarship's owner.

Research proposals

The PhD Office has no other indications other than these published and provided to us by the individual PhD Programmes, to which we invite the candidates to contact for any clarifications.

Ancient Heritage Studies

The reserch proposal (maximum 17,000 characters including spaces) must contain:

  • name of the candidate, title of the project, state of the art (max. 3,500 characters including spaces);
  • description of the reserach (maximum 13,500 characters including spaces, including bibliography) that must focus on a topic related to the "Research Topics" of the PhD Programme indicated in the appropriate section of the annex "A" of the call for application,

Asian and African Studies

max. 2,000 words + bibliography, addressing:

  1. topic and state-of-the-art,
  2. main research question,
  3. theoretical and methodological basis,
  4. planned work steps,
  5. expected results and relevance.

Computer Science

The proposal should be structured as follows: project title and name of applicant, abstract (max. 1000 characters), state of the art and references (max. 4000 characters), project description including goals and methodologies (max. 5000 characters).


Applicants are required to submit a research proposal, written in English (with a maximum of 10.000 characters, including spaces). The proposal must indicate the research question, the state of the art of relevant literature on the proposed topic and the main contribution of the project in theoretical and empirical terms.

Environmental Sciences

It requires a well-argued and concise description of research proposal: max 10000 characters, including spaces, containing information on:

  1. scope and objectives of the research
  2. state of the art research
  3. survey methodologies proposed
  4. results expected
  5. bibliography

History of Arts

Research proposal, written in Italian or English or French or Spanish or German, with a maximum length of 7 folders max. 2000 characters including spaces each folder (excluding the bibliography).

Italian Studies

The proposal must include:

  1. the title of the project;
  2. state of the art and literature summary (max. 5.000 characters including spaces);
  3. the project description, which must cover a topic related to the Research Topics indicated in the Annex "A" of the call for application or between the themes of topic-specific scholarship, with indication of the objectives and methodology of research (max. 10.000 characters including spaces);
  4. work plan for each of the three years of the PhD programme (max. 3000 characters).

Law, Market and Person

Applicants are required to present a short research proposal about the topic concerning the themes of the doctorate as indicated in the special sections of the Annex "A" of the call for application, including those referring to the scholarships financed by external institutions. In particular, the proposal, with a maximum of 10,000 characters including spaces, must indicate the proposed theme which should focus on the European right, the state of the art, the objectives and research methodology, the expected results with indication of the main contribution of the project from a theoretical and practical point of view, and an essential bibliography. The project presented, necessary for the selection, will not necessarily be the one developed by the candidate during the PhD.


Applicants are required to submit a short research proposal on a topic pertaining to the PhD themes indicated in the appropriate sections of Annex "A" of the call for application. In particular, the proposal, written in English (for a total of 10,000 characters maximum, including spaces), must indicate the subject, the state of the art research on the proposed topic, the objectives, the research methodology and the main contribution of the project in theoretical and empirical terms.

Modern Languages, Cultures and Societies and Linguistics

Modern Languages, Cultures and Societies Curriculum: Research proposal in Italian with bibliography raisonne. Maximum of 15.000 characters, including spaces and bibliography raisonne excluded. Foreign candidates can also use English as a vehicular language. In that case, the oral exam will assess the knowledge of the Italian language.

Linguistics Curriculum:  Text, in Italian or English language, of about 2500 words in which the candidate clearly defines the scope of the research, the objectives and the methodology he/she intends to use. The text will be accompanied by appropriate bibliographic references

Philosophy and Educational Sciences

Philosophy Curriculum: Research proposal (of maximum 20.000 characters, including spaces, 1,5 spaced, language: Italian or English); A survey of the state of researches and a final bibliography is required (final bibliography is exclused from 20.000 characters).

Educational Sciences Curriculum: Research proposal (of maximum 25.000 characters, including spaces, 1.5 spaced, language: Italian or English; abstract and relevant and updated bibliography).

Polar Sciences

Candidates must develop a research proposal (up to 10.000 characters, including spaces, in English), in the range of the themes listed in Annex A of the Call for Application through analytical, numerical and value judgment.

Research methods and approaches can be inter and multi-disciplinary.

The proposal must refer to the research instruments to employ, for instance environmental data analysis methods, models for the numerical simulation of atmospheric and/or pelagic processes in polar areas and altitude, techniques for the analysis of the model results, instruments for the comprehension and management of environmental impacts in polar areas, climate and paleoclimate studies.

The presented project, necessary to the aims of the selection, might change during the graduate course.

Science and Management of Climate Change

Candidates must develop a research proposal (up to 10.000 characters, including spaces, in English), in the range of the themes listed in Annex A of the Call for Application through analytical, numerical, value judgment and planning approaches. Research methods and approaches can be inter-disciplinary. The proposal must refer to the research instruments to employ, for instance environmental data analysis methods, models for the numerical simulation of atmospheric and/or pelagic processes, techniques for the analysis of the model results, instruments for the comprehension and management of environmental impacts and for the analysis of climate control policy analysis. The presented project, necessary to the aims of the selection, might change during the graduate course.

Science and Technology of Bio and Nanomaterials

A brief and well-reasoned description of the research proposal (in Italian or in English) is required, concerning one of the themes in which the PhD programme is organized. The proposal must not exceed 10000 characters (spaces included) and must contain:

  1. topic and state-of-the-art
  2. main research question
  3. theoretical and methodological basis
  4. planned work steps
  5. expected results and relevance
  6. bibliography

Reference letters

Letters can be uploaded in maximum number of two.

As far as reference letters are concerned, candidates must ask academics/scientists to submit the letters by means of an online procedure.

To enable this procedure, when compiling their application, candidates must enter the email addresses of the academics/scientists concerned who will receive an email with instructions explaining how to upload their letters. Candidates will receive an email informing them that the letter has been uploaded although these letters may only be viewed by the Administration of PhD Office and the Admissions Committee.

Academics, scientists must upload their letters before the application deadline (April, 21st 2021, 1 PM.).

Candidates must not upload reference letters, but they must only indicate the email tof the academis/other experts.

We will not allow other forms of sending letters.

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