Admission requirements

Requisiti di ammissione

Candidates in possession of the following requirements, regardless of age or nationality, may apply to participate in the competition:

  • "Laurea specialistica" or "laurea magistrale" (second cycle degree);
  • or degree awarded under the system ("ordinamento") in place prior to the one introduced by Ministerial Decree (D.M.) no. 509 of 03 November 1999, amended by Ministerial Decree (D.M.) no. 270 of 22 October 2004;
  • or second-level academic qualification ("titoli accademici di secondo livello") awarded by institutions belonging to the AFAM ("Alta Formazione Artistica e Musicale") sector;
  • or a Master's degree awarded abroad, recognised as such in advance solely for the purpose of admission to the competition.

The information found in Attachment "A" determines the type of academic qualifications and any other requirements as stipulated by each PhD Programme.

Applications from students already enrolled in PhD Programmes of the Ca' Foscari University of Venice or, in case of Inter-University PhD programme, in the Universities affiliated will not be considered valid.

Knowledge of the English language B2 level

As indicated on the art. 3, clause 6 of the call, all PhD students are required to have certified English proficiency at least B2 level at the time of enrolment, except for the possibility of acquiring it subsequently, but and not later than December 31st following the date of first enrollment, otherwise they will be excluded from the PhD programme.

Before the enrollment, the student can:

  • obtain a certificate from an official certifying body or a certificate from a university language training center included in the list displayed in the section recognized certifications
  • fall within one of the exemptions set out in the section case studies
  • support the B2 English language test at the CLA with the tariffs set by the CLA Board.

After the registration (and not later than December 31st following the date of enrollment), the student can:

  • support the B2 English language test, free of charge up to twice at the CLA
  • attend, within the limits of available seats, a course in the presence free under the regular schedule of the CLA; at the end of the course when there is scheduled a test that is equivalent to the B2 English language test. Additional courses will eventually be provided by the CLA for a fee
  • obtain a certificate from an official certifying body or a certificate from a university language training center included in the list displayed in the section recognized certifications.

For recognition, the certifications that will be delivered via email to; in case of certifications obtained at the CLA, the career will be automatically updated.

More information to this web page [IT].

Candidates who have not yet obtained their degree

Those who are preparing for a degree can make application by the deadline, as long as they obtain the qualification by July 31st, 2019.

By the deadline, the candidates who are preparing for a degree are requested to communicate the date of the attainment of the qualification to the Post Lauream Office by e-mail, to, presenting only the substitute declaration if Italian or EU citizens.

The University will exclude those candidate who do not communicate either the graduation date or the final mark within the limits laid down, or who submit uncompleted, incorrect or misdelivered statements.

University degree obtained abroad

The Master's degrees obtained abroad must be equivalent to a "Laurea magistrale" (second cycle degree), according to the Italian university system for what concerns the length, the level and the study field. Their validity will be assessed, according to the above mentioned rule, by the members of the Teaching board of the Doctoral Programme.

Candidates holding a degree issued in a foreign country must attach the degree certificate listing the exams (transcript), in Italian, English, French or Spanish, or translated into one of the above mentioned languages. Candidates are fully responsible for the translation and its truthfulness. EU citizens can avail themselves of a self-declaration as set forth in the D.P. (Presidential Decree) n. 445, of 28th December 2000.

Candidates with qualifications obtained abroad shall be conditionally admitted to the selection process, providing a Statement of Validity ("Dichiarazione di valore in loco”), if the qualification was obtained outside the European Union. Should the Statement of Validity submitted by the candidate show that the qualification is not valid for enrolment on an academic programme at PhD level, the candidate will be required to withdraw from the programme and return any scholarships that may have been awarded.

Last update: 13/02/2020