Asian and African Studies

Examination Board

  • prof. Paolo Biagi (president)
  • prof. Marco Ceresa
  • Simone Cristoforetti
  • Gaga Shurgaia
  • prof. Federico Squarcini
  • Silvia Vesco
  • prof. Ida Zilio Grandi

Final lists of qualified candidates

As indicated in the Call for Application, are eligible only candidates with minimum admission score of 60/100 points.

file pdfFinal List - Asian and African Studies112 K

Within June 21st 2017, admitted candidates must complete the online enrolment procedure, as indicated at Article 11 of the Call for application.

For more information ask to Settore Carriere Post Lauream (e-mail:

Graduating students are admitted only if they will obtain their degree by July, 31st 2017. Graduating candidates must communicate the date on which they are awarded this qualification to Post Lauream Office by the abovementioned deadline via email to

On June 23rd 2017 will be published the list of possibile remaining available places to be assigned to eligible candidates, as well as the deadlines for submitting the replacement application and for the possible enrolment (article 12 of The Call).

Qualification assessment

Only the candidates who have obtained at least 40/55 points (research proposal + qualifications) in the qualifications assessment of which 35 for research proposal are admitted to the oral examination.

file pdfAdmitted to oral examinations278 K
file pdfNOT Admitted to oral examinations295 K

Oral examinations schedule

Skype oral examinations will be held on 8th June 2017 (Italian Time) with this timetable:

  • Gu Shuangshuang 09:45
  • Shi Dou 10:05
  • Wan Yunlu 10:25
  • Ain Qurat Ul 10:45
  • Haider Romana 11:05
  • Akhmatova Azima 11:25
  • Ayoub Joey 11:45
  • Bonino Beatrice 12:05
  • Cosmano Ivana 12:25

    Candidates called in videoconference are invited to be available at least 30 minutes in advance.

    Oral examinations on site will take place on 8th June 2017, at Room A, Dipartimento Studi sull'Asia e Africa mediterranea, Palazzo Vendramin dei Carmini, Dorsoduro 3462 - Venezia.

    • Arnaboldi Marco 12:50
    • Bianco Annamaria 13:10
    • Canepari Aurora 13:30
    • Cigarini Chiara 14:30
    • Cozzani Adele 14:50
    • Febbroni Federico 15:10
    • Galiazzo Lizzy Catherine 15:30
    • Goffredo Giovanni 15:50
    • Gordeladze Nona 16:10
    • Gradi Filippo 16:30
    • Grossa Maria Beatrice 16:50
    • Lapis Giovanni 17:10
    • Montana Alessandro 17:30
    • Prosperi Martina Renata 17:50
    • Rizzatello Alex 18:10
    • Toro Silvia 18:30

    Last update: 24/04/2018