Philosophy and Educational Sciences

Examination Board

  • prof. Lucio Cortella (president)
  • dott. Monica Banzato
  • prof. Massimiliano Costa
  • prof. Roberta Dreon
  • prof. Pietro Daniel Omodeo

    Final lists of qualified candidates

    As indicated in the Call for Applications, only candidates with minimum admission score of 60/100 points are eligible.

    file pdfFinal list523 K

    Within July, 2nd 2018, admitted candidates must complete the online enrolment procedure, as indicated at Article 10 of the Call for application. For more information ask to Settore Carriere Post Lauream (e-mail:

    In case of waiver, and always within the prescribed three working days from the date of publication of the final shortlist on the University website, the candidate is required to give notice via e-mail to After the aforementioned three working days without any explicit communication of waiver, the candidate will still be considered to have renounced the place.
    In case of waiver of one of the candidates, the place will be assigned according to the final shortlist order and  candidates will be notified only by e-mail by Settore Carriere Post Lauream.

    Qualification assessment

    As indicated in the call for applications, minimum score for admission to interview is 28/57 points (research proposal + qualifications).

    file pdfCandidates admitted to oral examination630 K
    file pdfCandidates NOT admitted to oral examination636 K

    Oral examinations schedule

    file pdfOral examinations schedule511 K

    Last update: 16/01/2019