Ancient Heritage Studies

Examination Board

  • prof. Paolo Mastandrea (president)
  • Lorenzo Calvelli
  • prof. Giovanna Gambacurta
  • prof. Bruno Callegher (University of Trieste)
  • prof. Lucio Cristante (University of Trieste)
  • prof. Fulvia Mainardis (University of Trieste)
  • prof. Matteo Cadario (University of Udine)
  • prof. Elena Maria Fabbro (University of Udine)
  • prof. Andrea Saccocci (University of Udine)

Final lists of qualified candidates

As indicated in the Call for Application, only candidates with minimum admission score of 60/100 points are eligible.

file pdfFinal list - Ancient Heritage Studies706 K

Within June 26th 2017, admitted candidates must complete the online enrolment procedure, as indicated at Article 11 of the Call for application.

For more information ask to Settore Carriere Post Lauream (e-mail:

Graduating students are admitted only if they will obtain their degree by July, 31st 2017. Graduating candidates must communicate the date on which they are awarded this qualification to Post Lauream Office by the abovementioned deadline via email to

On June 28th 2017 will be published the list of possibile remaining available places to be assigned to eligible candidates, as well as the deadlines for submitting the replacement application and for the possible enrolment (article 12 of The Call).

Written test results

Only the candidates who have obtained at least 24/35 points in the written examination are admitted to the oral examination.

file pdfCandidates admitted to the oral examination629 K
file pdfCandidates NOT admitted to the oral examination633 K

Oral examinations schedule

The oral examination will take place on June, 13th and 14th 2017 at Department of Humanities, Palazzo Malcanton Marcorà, Dorsoduro 3484/D, Venice, according to the following time schedule:

June, 13th 2017, 9.30 AM, Sala Geymonat (1st floor)
Aleotti Nadia
Arcardini Giorgio
Baratella Beatrice
Bini Sara
Bortolami Fiorenza
Bozzi Chiara
Burni Flavio
Consonni Federica

June, 13th 2017, 2.30 PM, Sala Geymonat (1st floor)
Lizzani Federico
Marcello Del Majno Jacopo Lorenzo Francesco Mario
Monte Giuseppe
Pagliaro Simone Salvatore
Pernigotti Antonio Paolo
Perotti Laura
Prontera Alessia
Reali Francesco

June, 14th 2017, 9.00 AM, Sala Milone (3rd floor)
Gerbi Giulia (skype)
Guaitolini Stefano (skype)
Lualdi Carlo (skype)
Rozzi Geraldina (skype)
Russo Sergio Giuseppe
Saviano Martina
Tomassoni Roberto
Valvassori Lara
Zanazzo Laura

The Secretariat of the PhD Programme will contact directly the candidates who requested the possibility of video conferencing interview in the application.

Last update: 12/02/2018