Department of Linguistics and Comparative Cultural Studies


Department of Linguistics and Comparative Cultural Studies - Educational programmes office
Polo didattico San Basilio, Salizada San Basegio - Magazzino 5, Dorsoduro - port area, 30123 Venice
tel. + 39 041 234 7805

Appointment reservation

In compliance with the provisions by the Italian Government in response of the Covid-19 infection, the reception service will be carried out remotely.

Telephone appointments

from Monday to Thursday: 10.00 am - 12.00 noon.

To arrange an interview, book an appointment using the online procedure.

Services for students

Information/front-office/problem solving, in collaboration with the Deparments and the Central Administration offices, for:

  • welcome to freshmen (including international and part-time students);
  • awarding of ECTS from a previous career for transfers, passages, options;
  • assistance for presentation of the study plan;
  • calendar of classes, exams and final examinations;
  • assessment of Additional Learning Requirements (OFA) and entry requirements;
  • management of the testing phase for study plans;
  • opening and management of the exam lists and problem solving;
  • management of internships and substitute activities;
  • coordination of information and orientation tutors.

General information can be found through the Tutoring Service.

Last update: 26/04/2021