YISAC 2017


June 28th - 30th 2017
Scientific Campus, Building Delta 0A
Via Torino 155, Mestre – Venice, Italy 
Contact:   yisac2017@unive.it

Program and abstracts

24th Young Investigators Seminar on Analytical Chemistry

YISAC, Young Investigators' Seminar on Analytical Chemistry is intended to be an international conference for young scientists in a rather advanced point of their studies, usually master or PhD, together with their supervisors.

The main objective of the YISAC conference series is to prepare young analytical chemists for their future scientific life, such as attendance of international symposia and presentation of their own original research achievements. 

The scientific program includes oral presentations only (around 12 minutes) with subsequent discussion to each contribution (around 3 minutes). The conference is divided into individual sessions presided by a student chairlady/chairman. Participants are also involved in cultural and social program of the conference.

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Venice is a touristic destination and reservations have to be made as soon as possible.

Affiliated hotels to UNIVE or to YISAC 2017:

How to reach the Campus

The Campus is located in Mestre and is 8 km from the city of Venice. If you arrive by plane or train, the Campus is accessible by bus 15.

How to get Venice

Venice can be reached by bus 43 or train from Mestre or Porto Marghera Station.

The train tickets can be purchased at the Zeta building of the Campus.

Bus tickets can be purchased in a newspaper stand 100 m from the Campus.

Scientific committe

University of Graz, Austria
Kurt Kalcher,  kurt.kalcher@uni-graz.at 
Kevin Francesconi,  kevin.francesconi@uni-graz.at
Walter Goessler,  walter.goessler@uni-graz.at 

Graz University of Technology, Austria
Ernst Lankmayr,  lankmayr@tugraz.at 

University of Pardubice, Czech Republic
Radovan Metelka,  radovan.metelka@upce.cz 
Karel Vytřas,  karel.vytras@upce.cz 

University of Szeged, Hungary
Zoltán Kónya,  konya@chem.u-szeged.hu 

University of Venice, Italy
Ligia Maria Moretto,  moretto@unive.it 
Paolo Ugo,  ugo@unive.it 

AGH University of Science and Technology, Kraków, Poland
Andrzej Bobrowski,  gcbobrow@cyf-kr.edu.pl

University of Lodz, Poland
Sławomira Skrzypek,  skrzypek@uni.lodz.pl 

University of Novi Sad, Serbia
Biljana Abramović,  biljana.abramovic@dh.uns.ac.rs
Božo Dalmacija,  bozo.dalmacija@dh.uns.ac.rs
Valéria Guzsvány,  valeria.guzsvany@dh.uns.ac.rs 
Sanja Lazić,  sanjal@polj.uns.ac.rs 
Srđan Rončević,  srdjan.roncevic@dh.uns.ac.rs 

University of Ljubljana, Slovenia
Helena Prosen,  helena.prosen@fkkt.uni-lj.si
Polonca Trebše,  polonca.trebse@zf.uni-lj.si 
Marjan Veber,  marjan.veber@fkkt.uni-lj.si  

Institute Jožef Stefan, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Vekoslava Stibilj,  vekoslava.stibilj@ijs.si

National Institute of Chemistry, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Samo Hočevar,  samo.hocevar@ki.si
Mitja Kolar,  mitja.kolar@fkkt.uni-lj.si 
Božidar Ogorevc,  bozidar.ogorevc@ki.si  

University of Nova Gorica, Slovenia
Mladen Franko,  mladen.franko@ung.si

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