Yoga Studies: Body and meditation in Asian traditions

1st level university Master - academic year: 2018/19


Federico Squarcini
Ca' Foscari University of Venice


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Over 35 million yoga practioners only in the United States, hundreds of patents registered and copyright protection systems, dozens of yoga studios in Europe's big cities and an annual turnover in North America and Europe of over five million dollars, make yoga one of the most extraordinary examples of commodification and commercialisation of symbolic goods of our times. Faced with these staggering figures, it is hardly surprising that economists and legislators all over Europe are busy drawing up regulations and forms of legislative protection to govern this phenomenon, which has such an impact upon the lives and resources of millions of people.

Continuing its tradition of discovering and showcasing the latest trends, Ca’ Foscari University of Venice is now offering Europe's first specialist master's programme dedicated to yoga. Unique and groundbreaking, the Ca' Foscari Master in Yoga Studies brings together the most innovative historical and philological research into yoga with cutting-edge knowledge in the medical-scientific and legal-economic fields. The Master in Yoga Studies represents an unmissable formative occasion for yoga teachers and students wishing to improve their practical and theoretical knowledge as well as an opportunity to train highly competent professionals capable of offering qualified consultation - that is nowadays essential.

This course is intended for anyone wishing to approach one of the unexpected mass phenomena of the twenty-first century, from the private individual to regional authorities. Naturally it also targets all graduates in Indological, philosophical and historical-religious subjects, who will receive a certificate counting as a year's studies towards a diploma as yoga instructor.

Professional profiles

This Specialist Master's Programme is mainly aimed at:

  • Yoga teachers and practitioners with advanced theoretical and practical knowledge as well as expertise in the communication and promotion of this discipline;
  • Experts in yoga theories and practices capable of applying the know-how acquired in their consulting activities for the medical and physiotherapy professions, alternative medicine in particular;
  • Philosophical consultants specialised in yoga theories and practice and their implementation in the West, also in relationship to the various schools of psychoanalysis and the cognitive sciences;
  • Those working in the sector for the commercialisation and economic promotion of symbolic goods referred to the offer of yoga practices and symbolism in the West;
  • Organisers of cultural events relat
  • ed to yoga and, more generally, to Asian spiritual traditions in religious-philosophical, visual-artistic and medical-scientific contexts.

Language: Italian

Available places: 45

Duration of the programme: one year

Period: February 2019 – February 2020

Teaching method: formal lectures

Location: Venice Marghera (VEGA PARK - Porta dell'Innovazione building) and Milan

Deadline for application submission: January 15th, 2019

Enrolment fee: € 4.000 (in two instalements)

Grants/scholarships: full or partial scholarships covering the registration fee, if given, will be provided by the institution of the instructor 

Information: Ca’ Foscari Challenge School; Tutor

Last update: 17/04/2019