University regulation

Degree Programme Regulations

The final degree exam should be  written in one of the two foreign languages studied (English and Spanish)

For the final degree exam, the student should choose from one of the following types:

  • Organization of a technical glossary of at least 100 terms accompanied by a comment;
  • Original translation of a brief text (around 25 paragraphs) accompanied by a commentary on the linguistics and the translation
  • Paper written in a foreign language about a phenomenon or a problem inherent in the studies taught

The subject of the final degree exam should be agreed upon with a scholar (supervising lecturer) that is chosen by the student. The supervising lecturer can request the help of an assistant supervisor in cases where the supervising lecturer does not understand the foreign language chosen for the thesis. The assistant supervisor will be chosen by the supervising lecturer.

The final degree exam will be evaluated on its possession of linguistic and meta-linguistic understanding that is essential for the development of professions in translation and interpretation in the used languages (Italian, English and Spanish).


Last update: 12/10/2020