Internship / traineeship

Carrying out the internship/traineeship abroad

The organization of this degree programme provides, as a final formative activity, 13 ECTS for an internship abroad.

The internship is carried out during the second semester of the third year of the degree and is undertaken in Spain at the universities linked to Ca’ Foscari (Malaga University and Zaragoza University). The duration of the internship is 12 weeks.

The support for enrolling in a programme undertaken during an internship abroad is at the charge of Ca’ Foscari University, whilst the costs of travel, maintenance and accommodation are at the change of the student.

Attendance of the programmes undertaken during the internship abroad is compulsory and the same method of attendance adopted for the language modules of the degree programme is expected.
Every course provides a final exam.

The average marks achieved during the internship abroad will allow you to assign additional points following the success of the final exam in the Spanish Language 3 module. 

Assignment is configured in the following way:

  • Final average: from 18/30 to 23/30 = one additional point for Spanish Language 3;
  • Final average: from 24/30 to 26/30 = two additional points for Spanish Language 3;
  • Final average: from 27/30 to 30/30 = three additional points for Spanish Language 3.

The development of the internship is a prerequisite for access to the final degree exam.

Recognised work activity as a substitute to the internship

The recognition of formative activity, carried out in Italy or abroad, work experience, certified knowledge and skills under the jurisdiction of the educational School, in accordance with local regulations, the University regulations and Lines of guidance on the recognition of credits. The Teaching Committee can approve:

  • Recognition of ECTS for formative action previously carried out in courses at universities, whether Italian or abroad;
  • Recognition of ECTS undertaken abroad in the environment of mobility programmes (study or internship);
  • Recognition of ECTS for knowledge and skills in professional/working activities;
  • Recognition of ECTS for knowledge and skills in formative activities post-secondary level to which the University has contributed to its planning and execution;
  • Recognition of certified knowledge and skills;
  • Recognition of formative courses of integration in the degree programme.

The exemption from the exam of Knowledge of Informatics (2 ECTS) is not possible.

Last update: 12/10/2020