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Pagina Facebook di Informatica

This Bachelor's degree programme offers a thorough theoretical and experimental knowledge in computer science and was recognized as outstanding by several Italian professional associations.

It will provide you with core conceptual competencies in informatics, as well as analytical, planning and development skills, methodological and technological know-how and other professional skills used to communicate information, ideas, problems and solutions.

If you choose the "European Computer Science” curriculum you will have the opportunity to spend a year abroad in one of the partner universities and obtain an Italian degree as well as one of your country of choice. If you choose the “Data Science” curriculum you will gain specific skills in data collection which are at the heart of a new market. If you choose the more traditional “Technologies and Information Science” curriculum you will explore professional informatic fields such as web technologies and design or informatic system administration.

All the curricula include many workshop activities and experimentation as well as the use of English language, including technical language specific to ICT.


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