University regulations

Degree Programme Regulations

Regulations for Final degree exam 

The present regulations are in effect for the Academic Year 2012/13, for those students enrolled in the Bachelor’s Degree Programme pertinent to class L-32 (Science and Technology for the Environment and Nature), order DM 270/04. It was approved  by the Didactic College in the meeting on 30/04/2013 and by the Faculty Council in the meeting on 16/05/2013.

The request for a final degree test,  filled in, completed and signed, with the documentation attached, should be scanned and emailed to

Art. 1

Students that have achieved at least 150 credits, and have passed all exams in the first two years, agree a theme of their final degree thesis with a scholar (supervisor) of the Bachelor’s Degree or Master’s Degree programme in Environmental Sciences, adequate to the previsions of the didactic Regulations of the Degree Programme, transmitting the specific completed forms (final degree test application form) to the didactic College at least 30 days before beginning their activity. 

Art. 2

The Commission for the Final Degree test is agreed upon by the supervisor and by an assistant supervisor (referee) designated by the Didactic School or by their delegate.

Art. 3

The final degree test consists of a written piece of work by the student, under the guide of the supervisor, and pertinent to: 

  • Activities carried out on campus / in research laboratories, as well as activities carried out at foreign universities
  • Placement activities also carried out at public and private companies and firms;
  • Activities of systematic collection of scientific documentation

The written work, approved both by the supervisor and the assistant supervisor, must be sent electronically with the procedure and schedule established by the University.

Art. 4

To be admitted to the presentation stage of the Final degree test, students must have achieved all the necessary credits expected in the Degree Programme regulations, with the exception of those attributed to the final degree exam itself. 

Art. 5

The evaluation of the final degree exam will take into account the quality of the written work; if the supervisor and assistant supervisor deem necessary they can request an oral discussion of the written work. The evaluation of the final degree exam will take the entire degree of the student into consideration. The Commission for the final exam will assign a mark from 0 to 6 points. 

Art. 6

The proclamation and presentation of the final diploma will be given on Graduation Day, provided for each graduation session with the procedure established by the University. 

Art. 7

The final evaluation will come from the average, weighted on the basis of the respective ECTS obtained, from the marks achieved in formative activities during the degree programme, represented in a mark out of 100. The mark for the final degree exam will come from the average. Possible bonus points can be attributed according to the procedure established by the University.

For part-time students, the same bonus can be applied as to full time students, considering the duration over 6 years instead of over 3 years.

The honour can be attributed, at the discretion of the supervising scholar, to students if the sum of their average exam scores (expressed in a mark out of 100), the possible bonus, and the maximum vote for the final degree programme (6), is equal or superior to 110.

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