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Degree Programme Regulations

Regulations for Final degree exam 

Bachelor’s Degree Programme pertinent to class L-32 (Science and Technology for the Environment and Nature), order DM 270/04.

The present regulations are in effect from the Autumn degree session of the academic year 2021/2022.

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Art. 1

The student who meets the requirements stated in the University Regulations, agrees with a teacher (supervisor) of the Bachelor's or Master's Degree in Environmental Sciences on the topic of the final exam, in accordance to the dispositions of the Didactic Regulations of the Degree Programme.

Art. 2

The final degree test consists of a written work carried out by the student, under the guidance of the supervisor, and pertinent to:

  • Activities carried out on campus / in research laboratories, as well as activities carried out at foreign universities
  • Placement activities also carried out at public and private companies and firms;
  • Activities of systematic collection of scientific documentation

In order to provide the candidate with solid training aimed at a systematic collection of scientific documentation, an essential prerequisite for drafting the thesis work, the candidate's participation in bibliographic research courses organized by the Scientific Area Library (BAS) is recommended. To this end, it is up to the supervisor to direct the candidate to contact the BAS. 

The written work, approved both by the supervisor and the assistant supervisor, must be sent electronically with the procedure and schedule established by the University.

Art. 4

The evaluation of the final exam is determined according to the criteria established by the University bodies. The thesis work can be appointed from 0 to 6 points.

Art. 5

The proclamation and acquisition of the diploma take place on the day of graduation, scheduled for each graduation session in accordance with the University dispositions.

Last update: 24/05/2023