Why study Sciences in Venice

Bachelor’s Degree Programme in Environmental Sciences

Education of excellence, committed to scientific research and quality of services.

A University with a great history, whilst always committed to innovation and change

A University attentive to and settled in the territory, but open to National and International context. 

Multidisciplinary and practical approach

Multidisciplinary approach: You are able to learn and analyze environmental systems and confront problems regarding the eco system with a multidisciplinary  perspective, using the abilities and research developed at Ca’ Foscari in an integrated way.

Practical Approach: The programmes have an experimental approach thanks to the new laboratories at the new Scientific Campus [IT]. You can participate in field hiking guided by scholars, learning to manage the environmental problems not only from a theoretic point of view, but above all practical. In the 2nd year the degree programme provides a Field Laboratory at Falcade, a unique experience in Italy: an entire week face-to-face with scholars, researchers and tutors to put the learned concepts into practice.

Support in your studies: You would be able to benefit from orientation activities throughout all the study programmes, placed, by the selection tutor, side-by-side with the best students and scholars.

The Scientific Campus

A microcosm of laboratories, classrooms, study rooms, a library, all the space thought of for the most efficient education and advanced research. Ample green areas perfect for free time, numerous occasions for cultural events [IT] and socialization.

A lively and multi-ethnic campus: thanks to its international network, the Campus attracts students and scholars from abroad every year, with whom you can be in contact and grow with in a stimulating and multi-ethnic campus.

A sustainable Campus: living on the campus, you would learn to reduce your environmental impact and adapt to a more responsible lifestyle. You can participate in projects on sustainability [IT] and the management of a sustainable garden and vegetable patch.

The city of Venice, with all its strong points and all its peculiarities, represents a concrete palace to develop the ability to analyze environmental systems, whether natural or man-made, and environmental processes from a perspective of sustainability, prevention and promotion of the quality o the environment.

Internationalization and continuation of studies 

Period of study abroad: thanks to the unity of Ca’ Foscari with universities all over the world, you can deepen your preparation with study visits in numerous universities in and out of Europe.

Internships in Italy and abroad: you can undertake stimulating working experiences through internship programmes in agreed upon places by the Department or the University.

And after the Bachelor’s Degree? You would have the possibility to follow your study path by entering the Master’s Degree Programme in Environmental Sciences, in a stimulating environment that offers you ample courses and programmes. 

Last update: 16/11/2023