OFA and eligibility

Eligibility for English Language level B1 and B2

Discover the linguistic skills that are required to students that enroll in Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programmes, and students that are already enrolled.
Furthermore, consult the cases of exemption as well as all the linguistic certificates recognized by the University. 

Fulfillment of OFAs (Additional Learning Requirements)

OFA in logic – mathematics

From Academic Year 2017/2018, the OFA in logic-mathematics is fulfilled through a test carried out by the CISIA.

Students that do not fulfil the OFA in logic-mathematics by the exam sessions in September of the year after enrollment cannot take any exams until the attributed OFA is fulfilled.

Get ready for the test

Those registered for the TOLC-I access tests, with a score lower than 17/41, will be given a preliminary course to support the assigned mathematics-logic OFA, which will be verified through the CISIA test. 

Students who do not complete this OFA mathematics-logic by the exam session in September of the year following the registration can not take exams until the official assignment of the OFA

Therefore, each student, including part-time students, from the time of enrollment, has a year and three free attempts to pass the OFA of mathematical logic through the test provided by CISIA. After the year, the student will be precluded from the possibility of taking any other exam until the completion of the OFA.

Last update: 22/11/2023