Admission requirements

Admissions to the degree programme is subject to the evaluation of the initial preparation believed a student must have to profitably attend a selected degree programme.

For admissions to the following degree programmes, an adequate understanding of Italian language verified with a specific test is required: Conservation of Cultural Heritage and Performing Arts Management, Philosophy, Humanities, Sciences of Society and Social Service and History. For the Philosophy degree programme, an adequate understanding of philosophical culture is also required.

Those that have taken the state exam with a grade equal or superior to 90/100 (54/60) do not need to verify their understanding of Italian language.

Those that, after concluding a course of high-school degree studies including three years of teaching philosophy, have taken the state exam with a grade equal or superior to 90/100 (54/60), do not need to verify their understanding of philosophical culture. The possession of these requirements will be auto-certificated at the moment of enrollment through the specific module present on the OFA and suitability reached of the Study path page.

To access all humanities degree programmes, an understanding of English language at level B1, at least, is required.

Those who have achieved one of the certificates listed on the specific website are excluded from the obligation to verify their understanding of English language. In this case, it is necessary to attach a copy of their certification at the moment of enrolment.

Verifying OFA (Additional Learning Requirements)

The process of verifying OFAs, the attendance calendar and provided recovery courses are described on the specific web page found by following the path: Study > OFA and eligibility

Unsuccessful fulfillment of OFA

From 2013/14 Academic year, students that do not fulfil their OFA in B1 English language, Italian and Philosophical Culture between the exam session in September to enrolment at the following year cannot take exams until the attributed OFAs have been fulfilled.

Students that have enrolled in a subsequent year to their first, such as in cases of transfer, internal paths or matriculation with credit recognition, should have fulfilled the OLA by the time they are enrolled: they cannot take exams until they have fulfilled them.

Last update: 13/12/2018