If you hold an international qualification, before starting the application process please make sure you have completed the pre-evaluation procedure and that you have all the requirements for international students.

If you have a disability or an SLD (specific learning disability), you can request support for the admission test (when required) and specific support services during your studies.

Admission to the degree programme is subject to the possession of one of the following qualifications:

  • five-year high school diploma;
  • four-year high school diploma with supplementary year; in case of absence of the supplementary year, admission to the degree programme is subject to the assessment of the competent Teaching College;
  • European Baccalaureate title (or European high school licence) obtained in European Schools located in Italy

and to the evalutation of the initial preparation believed a student must have to profitably attend a selected degree programme.

Contacts and Reservations

For admissions to the following degree programmes, an adequate understanding of Italian language verified with a specific test is required: Conservation of Cultural Heritage and Performing Arts Management, Philosophy, Humanities. For the Philosophy degree programme, an adequate understanding of philosophical culture is also required.

Those that have taken the state exam with a grade equal or superior to 90/100 (54/60) do not need to verify their understanding of Italian language.

Those that, after concluding a course of high-school degree studies including three years of teaching philosophy, have taken the state exam with a grade equal or superior to 90/100 (54/60), do not need to verify their understanding of philosophical culture. The possession of these requirements will be auto-certificated at the moment of enrollment through the specific module present on the OFA and suitability reached of the Study path page.

To access all humanities degree programmes, an understanding of English language at level B1, at least, is required.

Those who have achieved one of the certificates listed on the specific website are excluded from the obligation to verify their understanding of English language. In this case, it is necessary to attach a copy of their certification at the moment of enrolment.

Verifying OFA (Additional Learning Requirements)

The process of verifying OFAs, the attendance calendar and provided recovery courses are described on the specific web page found by following the path: Study > OFA and eligibility

Unsuccessful fulfillment of OFA

From 2013/2014 Academic year, students that do not fulfil their OFA in B1 English language, Italian and Philosophical Culture between the exam session in September to enrolment at the following year cannot take exams until the attributed OFAs have been fulfilled.

Students that have enrolled in a subsequent year to their first, such as in cases of transfer, internal paths or matriculation with credit recognition, should have fulfilled the OFA by the time they are enrolled: they cannot take exams until they have fulfilled them nor may they participate in the eligibility tests organized for freshers.



3rd July - 2nd October 2023.

An additional admission session will be included from October 3rd to October 31st. The enrolment in this session entails the payment of an additional fee of 50 Euros.

The enrolment procedure is carried out completely online.

The following steps must be undertaken:

  1. Registration on the University website: registration consists of filling in your personal data, residence and domicile. You should not carry out registration online if you have already been enrolled at Ca’ Foscari.
  2. Pre-enrolment online: in order to pre-enrol, you must access the Personal Area on the website with your SPID and select, in the Secretarial section, the function Enrol for courses with no admission test. Once the course has been selected, you must fill out the enrolment form. While filling out the form, you will be asked to upload a photograph (passport sized, full frontal, and clear) in jpg. form as well as the following documents:

    • a valid identity document (front and back);
    • any other documents useful for the enrolment procedure (for example linguistic certificates, records of credit recognition; self-certification etc).

    Once the documents have been uploaded, it will be necessary to confirm all the data entered and proceed to the payment section.

  3. Payment of the first tax installment and tuition fees: the payment must be carried out using the PagoPA system, clicking on the payment button when finishing the pre-enrolment procedure;
  4. Completion of enrolment by the Enrolment Unit: filling out the request for pre-enrolment and payment of the first installment of fees does not automatically lead to the student’s enrolment. Enrolment will be completed within seven working days after receipt of payment and will be communicated via e-mail. Please note: the seven working days begin on the date of payment. Saturday is not considered to be a working day.

Specific Cases

It is possible to register for or transfer to a Bachelor’s degree course requesting:

Enrolment with ECTS Credits Recognition

It is possible to enrol in a Bachelor’s degree programme and ask for recognition of educational activities previously carried out for:

  • other bachelor or master’s degrees or professional Master’s diploma already conferred;
  • a university career not completed due to withdrawal, cessation or transfer from another University;
  • single courses;
  • internships/work experience;
  • simultaneous enrolment.

Enrolment with recognized credits is not permitted for students simultaneously registered in another university course and who have requested a interruption of their studies.

While you are filling out the enrolment form online, you must attach, in addition to the documentation requested for registration the recognition of credits sheet approved and with your handwritten signature.

In case of transfer from another University, the enrolment form will be issued by the Enrolment Unit.

Enrolment with ECTS recognition is subjected to the payment of a fee of 300.00 Euros with the exception of enrolments with credit recognition for:

  • single courses or activities previously undertaken at Ca’ Foscari that have the same teaching code as the course of studies in which you plan to enrol. If one or more courses are not included in your study plan but are part of the open unit credits, you will have to pay a 300.00 Euro additional fee;
  • transfer from another University;
  • simultaneous enrolment.

The payment invoice will be issued by the Enrolment Unit when the application will be successfully carried out.

Year of enrolment

The year of enrolment is determined on the basis of the number of University Credits (ECTS) you have been awarded:

  • Up to 47: admission to 1st year;  
  • From 48 to 107: admission to 2nd year;
  • From 108 or more: admission to 3rd year.

Please remember that while choosing your degree courses and your subjects, you will only find courses that are in effect in the 2023/2024 a.y: at the moment of completion of enrolment, we will take into consideration the credit recognition sheet and we will register you in the appropriate year and the program specified in the sheet.

Request Period

The deadline for the request of recognition of credits at the Humanistic Campus Service is from 2nd May to 15th September 2023 and, for students who enrol from 3rd October to 31st October 2023, by October 13th 2023.

In case of transfer from another University the deadline is 5th December 2023.

For recognition of your academic career, you must contact Humanistic Campus services. You will be asked to provide:

  • a signed self-certification stating the exams written which specify: the name of the course of study and the class to which it is relevant, the university, the name of the exams taken with the pertinent scientific field and its value in credits, the mark, and the date the exam was written. Verify that the self-certification is available in the Personal Area of your University: if it is not available or not all the information is indicated, you may use the forms on this page;
  • any potential examinations.

The Campus will collect the requests for credit recognition which will be submitted to an evaluation by the Teaching College. The credits recognition sheet, once approved by the Board, will be sent to you via e-mail. Please remember to sign the sheet.

Credits recognition forms

It is possible to fill out the credits recognition sheet independently and attach it with the online registration form if you were to request recognition exclusively from previous studies carried out at Ca' Foscari which have the same teaching code as the course which you are registering for (for example, if you are claiming recognition of individual courses taken at Ca' Foscari).

Criteria for ECTS Credits Recognition

Recognition will be made based on the following criteria:

  • the credits earned in former Bachelor’s courses will be recognized while maintaining the effective number of credits; the exception will be Ca’ Foscari students who have withdrawn/ceased their studies, for whom there are specific incentives;
  • exams already used as entry requirements will not be recognized.

If you already have a Professional Master’s Programme diploma, you can obtain a recognition of maximum 60 credits.

The activities recognized by Master’s/Specialist degrees or Professional Master’s already awarded will have no impact in terms of marks achieved on the total average for the Bachelor’s degree, but it will recognize the single courses and the student’s academic career that was suspended due to withdrawal, cessation or transfers from another university.

Last update: 20/06/2023