University procedures

Degree Programme Regulations

The final degree exam consists of undertaking a written exam and has the objective of verifying the graduate’s achievement of appropriate language and communication skills, the ability to apply the notions learnt and the autonomy of judgment in the study of a test, a phenomenon or a problem relative to a specific area of study.

The written paper will be composed in one of the two studied foreign languages. The completion should be undertaken completely in the foreign language for the following Bachelor’s Degree languages: Catalan, French, English and Anglo-American, Portuguese, Spanish and Hispano-American, and German. For the other Bachelor’s Degree languages, the written paper could be completed in Italian but one part (the introduction, conclusion, a section or an abstract) must be written in the foreign language, or recorded for a video in the case of Italian Sign Language.

Students should carry out original research on a subject agreed upon with a scholar that is teaching a module present in their personal curriculum. In the case that the lecturer believes that they are not able to evaluate the level of foreign language of the paper, they are able to request an association with a colleague with specific linguistic ability (an assistant supervisor). The Language Assistants (CEL) cannot undertake activity relating to or in correlation with the final degree exam.

The assistant supervisor will be involved in evaluating the linguistic competence of the written work, and will be advisable and thus directly contacted by the supervisor.

The written work should be around 18-25 folders of 2000 characters each. For cases in which only one part is written in a foreign language (relevant for Albanese, Czech, Sign Language, Modern Greek, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Serbia-Croatian and Swedish), this part should be a minimum of 3000 characters.

Last update: 22/11/2023