Double Degree with Capital Normal University

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Coordinator: Prof. Tiziana Lippiello
Department DSAAM:
International Office: 

From 2016/2017, the Double Degree programme between Ca’ Foscari University - Department of Asian and North African Studies (DSAAM) and the Capital Normal University is active.

The programme offers Ca’ Foscari students the possibility to follow an international degree programme, undertaking at CNU the third year of the Bachelor’s degree programme in Language, culture and society of Asia and Mediterranean Africa, and a further year, in order to acquire both degree titles.
At the end of the programme students will obtain a double title:

  • Language, Culture and Society of Asia and Mediterranean Africa, pertinent to the L-11 class, D.M. 270/2004, at Ca' Foscari University of Venice;
  • Bachelor’s degree programme in Chinese Language at Capital Normal University in Beijing

Students with a mobility in China can benefit from possible reimbursements or study grants, based on the availability of the finances. 

Who can apply

The programme is reserved to students that are enrolled since a.y. 2013/14 in the Language, Culture and Society of Asia and Mediterranean Africa (LICSAAM) Bachelor’s Degree Programme, on the Chinese curriculum, at Ca’ Foscari University of Venice.

How to apply

To be able to participate in the selection process, it is necessary to apply following the procedures and deadlines reported in the call for applications, published annually.

Double/joint degree selection results will be published on this webpage according to the specific timeline mentioned in the Annex A.

Calls and forms


Before going abroad

Before going abroad, students need to:

  • Collect the Learning Agreement at the Education Sector of the Department of Asian and North African Studies, containing all the formative activities provided in the programme.
  • Hand in the signed Learning Agreement to the International Office

Ca’ Foscari International Office will contact the successful students to indicate the final documents requested by Capital Normal University.

The study plan established by the CNU can be modified on the basis of the language level of the admitted students.The Learning Agreement will be confirmed only once the language level of each admitted student will be determined.

Learning agreement

file pdfEconomic-Juridical path [ITA]
Intermediate I - II
112 K
file pdfHumanistic path [ITA]
Intermediate I - II
107 K
file pdfInterpreting and Translation path [ITA]
Intermediate I - II
107 K
file pdfBusiness path [ITA]
Intermediate II - Advance
110 K
file pdfLanguage path [ITA]
Intermediate II - Advance
107 K
file pdfTranslation path [ITA]
Intermediate II - Advance
107 K
file pdfBusiness path [ITA]
Advance I - II
111 K
file pdfTranslation path [ITA]
Advance I - II
173 K

Arriving Abroad

Upon arriving at the host University, students should visit the Secretary at Capital Normal University to deliver and have the following documents signed:

  • Learning Agreement;
  • Possible form for Variations to the Learning Agreement, in case the student wants to modify their personal curriculum already agreed upon before arriving (the modifications should be approved by the supervising coordinator on the project, both at the original university and the host university, possibly before the start of the classes);
  • The form Confirmation of your stay abroad (at this stage to be completed only in the first part, relative to the arrival at the host university)

All documents should be sent to the International Office at Ca’ Foscari via email ( or via fax (+39 041 234 7567). Students should keep the original documents.

Before returning to Italy

Before returning to Italy, students should complete and have signed by the  host University the second part of the form Confirmation of your stay abroad (i.e. the part related to the departure from the host university for the return to Italy).

Returning to Italy

Once the student has returned to Italy, they should present the following original documents to the International Office at Ca Foscari:

  • The form Confirmation of your stay abroad, which will prove the entire mobility period was carried out
  • Learning Agreement and possibly the Variations to the Learning Agreement form, completed and signed in every part;
  • Transcript of Records, i.e. The certificate that certifies the exams taken abroad.

Last update: 25/02/2021