A degree in the economy of the future

Virtual reality, startups and digital professionals


A blogging course, a series of appointments dedicated to the new technologies that are changing the economic world and revolutionising services, processes and products. Informal, face to face meetings with a wide range of innovative startups, interviews and exchanges with professionals from the digital world, courses dedicated to the development of soft skills and presentation design workshops.


These are just some of the topics and themes of the extra-curricular activities of the first year of Ca’ Foscari University and H-FARM’s new degree course in Digital Management.


This programme, aside from the official lessons that allow students to acquire the 180 academic credits that are necessary for the completion of the degree, also includes a rich selection of extra courses and activities that keep students engaged for the entire day.

The activity calendar – which is not obligatory – begins with the arrival on campus at around 8.30/9.00am and finishes with the end of lessons, usually between 4pm and 6pm, depending on the day of the week. From among the options made available to students, there are extra courses and sports activities that coincide with the end of lessons for the day.


All of the lessons take place within H-FARM Education structures, which are situated in a campus measuring over 5 hectares in a natural setting on the banks of the Sile river, 10 minutes by car from Venice international airport and with a view of the belltower on Torcello island.


The first year of the course specifically concentrates on Artificial Intelligence (from robots to chatbots), geolocation and virtual reality. These immersive courses will provide the basic elements and understanding of how these technologies work to foster their understanding and to stimulate ideas on how to use them in business environments.


To further enrich these courses, there will also be coursework in geopolitics and innovation, a specific course dedicated to the development of soft skills, as well as a series of appointments entitled “encounters from the future” in which the students will meet and interact with professionals from the world of innovation .


The goal is to that this course is a degree programme, in addition to being a formative experience for the students, in which they become increasingly aware of the importance of learning, real-life experiences, experimentation and creative uses of the skills and knowledge they have acquired instead of solely concentrating on attending lessons, taking exams and earning the academic credits necessary for graduation.