Internship project guidelines

Internship Regulation for the Bachelor's Degree in Digital Management 

The internship is a period of on-the-job training offered to students and recent graduates to acquire knowledge and professional skills that can be put into practise in the world of work, experiencing the life of a company.

The BA Degree in Digital Management integrates academic lessons with experiential learning and project-based learning. The Internship Project is key in the programme: by taking part in internships and collaborating with entrepreneurs and managers in real-life contexts, students will learn through practice and will have the chance to reflect on the applications of the concepts they have learnt in class. This experience contributes to students’ employability by favoring the further development of soft and transversal skills.


The Internship Project for the BA degree in Digital Management aims at:  

  • allowing students to become familiar with the dynamics of the work environment and to develop and master managerial skills.
  • providing students the opportunity to grow professionally and to increase their soft skills like empathy, communication, resilience, self-control, goal orientation and teamwork.
  • exploring the opportunities that the digital revolution has brought into almost all business sectors and understanding how companies might be helped and supported in this change. 
  • improving students’ in-depth understanding of some specific processes and digital solutions in areas like Marketing, Human Resources Management, Law, Accounting, Sales, Data Analysis etc.  

The Internship Project can take place within startups, incubators, organizations or companies of all sizes, in the private or public sector, both in Italy or abroad. Internship projects cannot take place in businesses owned by the students’ family neither in companies where the tutor supervising the project is a relative, since the value of the experience would be largely reduced.

Internships will be finalized to develop a specific project based on the organization’s needs and will be about innovation and digital transformation processes, procedures or work methods. The project must be consistent with the curriculum of the BA in Digital Management. The internship project will be the core of the student’s final thesis. 


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