H For You - Breaking limits and impacting people’s lives with Bianca Bonetti

H4U will give room to Bianca Bonetti and her personal experience as a ski athlete and at Seedstars

H For You will have a talk with Bianca Bonetti on the 19th of May at 6pm. Bianca Bonetti, Business Development Africa at Seedstars, had different experiences all over the world: she studied Maths at Ginevra, then continued her studies in Argentina.

Later, she entered into the Italian Ski Team and won the title of vice world champion at the 2017 World Cup in Andorra. During her experience as a ski athlete, she got in contact with Seedstars and found her dream job: this company helps startups grow and have a positive impact on people’s lives in emerging markets.

Do not miss the chance to discover Bianca Bonetti’s life and experiences and how her passions contributed to reach personal and professional goals.


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