Meet Gianmaria Monteleone

On the 7th of October, Gianmaria Monteleone, CEO of Younite Stars, will be in The Hall to meet our 3rd year students and master's degree students.

YouniteStars is a venture company that generates value through a distinctive model of high-potential e-commerce business creation/development: thanks to a mix of technology, technical know-how and innovative working methods, YouniteStars helps small brands in their development and growth.

These are the speaker’s words:” Growth. Study. Work. Waivers. Family. Love. Success. Failure. Freedom. Time. Satisfaction. Is there a magic formula? I'm not going to tell you about my road to success like a secret combination to imitate. Together we will go into the deep meanders of "what is not said", the "unconventional" as mindset. Basically, we'll have fun!”.