Inspirational Talk with Francesca Failoni

Alps Blockchain is a leading Italian specialist in research and development in blockchain technology and mining. 

On the 1st of April, our students met Francesca Failoni, CFO and co-founder of AlpsBlockchain to talk about the role of blockchain technology between innovation and sustainability. In addition to digital assets, cryptocurrencies bring with them a great technological revolution: the blockchain, a kind of virtual chain formed by blocks of data, containing different types of certified operations and transactions. Just as it happened years ago for the Internet, today blockchain is increasingly becoming part of our daily life, ensuring a global interconnectivity of values, understood not only as money but also as goods and services.

She graduated in Economics and Management at the University of Trento with a thesis on Blockchain and energy consumption.In 2018 she co-founded Alps Blockchain Srl of which today she is CFO and deals with administrative responsibilities, cash flow management, tax compliance, accounting, managing relationships with institutions and lenders, business plan creation, project management.