Inspirational Talk with Gianluca Campus

Gianluca Campus, Head of Legal Tech & Digital Innovation @ Sky Italia, was on Campus on the 4th of April to meet our students and talk about Cloud and Cloud Computing.

The terms "Cloud" and "Cloud Computing" are used, often as synonyms, to describe a technological infrastructure with which the user, through a client, can access and use resources distributed in servers made available by a service provider, including the software hosted on these servers and their computing capacity and even, under certain conditions, store and process data.

What is relevant to the analysis of intellectual property profiles is the fact that the Cloud provides the ability to store and analyze data through computers with capacity no longer spread across a myriad of devices but centralized in large HUBs. However, these HUBs are connected with the periphery in such a way that each of the connected entities acquires much greater storage and computing capacity than it could have on a single device.

The paper analyzes how this essential feature of Cloud services creates some "tensions" with the current interpretation of some legal institutions, mainly copyright, and how the technological evolution determines the need for a rethink of some legal categories.