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Inspirational talk with Olivetti: defining innovation between heritage and legacy

The Inspirational Talk, with Gaetano di Tondo,VP, Communication and External Relations Director at Olivetti — President at Associazione Archivio Storico Olivetti, was mainly focused on Olivetti's legacy and their tangible and intangible heritage embedded in Ivrea, industrial city of the XX century inscribed in the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2018. 

Adriano Olivetti managed the Ivrea factory and launched the Community Movement’s cultural and political initiatives. Through them, he achieved the ideal of a visionary landscape in which the pioneering reorganization of local and social space complemented industrial and technical modernization.

Ivrea became a laboratory for an innovative model of interaction between business and society. Considered exemplary to this day, this model integrated culture, technology, design, architecture, and sustainability being innovative among all of them. Yet now more than ever before, his vision is evoked as a model to offer a new way of looking at the relationship between the world of manufacturing, civil society, and culture.

Together with Gaetano di Tondo the students got the opportunity to explore Olivetti’s vision, history and heritage through the most iconic photos from their archive, representing not only products but most importantly the people that made the company the visionary leader it is today.