H for Human for the Bachelor’s Degree in Digital Management

H-FARM’s non-for-profit foundation provides 10 scholarships.

Awarding the most-deserving students by helping them to cover the cost of their education, as well as helping them to reach their future goals. Once again, the H for Human Foundation provides this opportunity, this time through a partnership with Audi Spa Italia, by providing 10 scholarships of €2.500 each for the Bachelor’s Degree in Digital Management to students whose families have an ISEE income certification of €35.000 or less.

The rankings will be based on the students’ maturità exam grade, the average of their grades during the last two years of high school and their grade on the TOLC-E entrance exam. To apply for the scholarship, students must fill out the form available on this link and attaching the requested documentation.

The H for Human Foundation will accept applications from August 1 to September 5.
The list of scholarship recipents will be available after September 10th.