Summer internship for BA students

Summer break: time for new experiences. This was the choice of some of our BA students that asked to be engaged in an internship experience in H-FARM from June to August. They are really curious and willing to grow and that's why they decided to take this challenge! 

It was a pleasure for us to identify the most suitable opportunities for them and they are all doing a great job.  Some of them are collaborating with the H-FARM communication and events team, others with the Human Innovation Culture unit to support the development of an internal knowledge management platform, others are tutors for Sparx, our digital labs for children, someone else moved to Florence to work in the start up “Travel Appeal” to create marketing campaigns starting from the analysis of data. These and more are the experiences these students are living in H-FARM.

They are really headstrong and proactive and we have no doubts about how much this path is making them grow. And we can’t wait to see where the second year will lead them! 


"I did a 2-month internship experience at Strategy Innovation Culture, the H-FARM Strategy Innovation Culture unit providing innovative and digital solutions for brands and companies. My job consisted in redesigning the HIC digital archive by setting a series of pertinent tags helping to optimize the search for data regarding clients and projects. This internship has allowed me to fully understand the innovative modus operandi at HIC. The particularity of this environment catches you the moment you step in the office: there is a great harmony between colleagues, the approach to work is extremely dynamic, pushing you to achieve the expected result every time! The best advice I could give to a student like me starting an internship? I would tell him to be curious, to learn as much as possible and try to give his best, always. The 3 words that defined my experience: Innovation - Curiosity - Dynamism" - Filippo