Intra-university transfer

If you intend to transfer to the second year of Digital Management, there are 13 places available.

What is an intra-university transfer?

An intra-university transfer is what happens when a student enrolled at Ca' Foscari decides to change to another degree programme within the same university system at Ca' Foscari.

The intra-university transfer involves the following stages:

  • request for recognition of credits;

  • eventual request for permission;

  • submission of intra-university transfer request.

The procedures laid down for the intra-university transfer request involve the following stages, which must be carried out after you have received and accepted your recognition of credits sheet and after enrolling in the academic year and paying the first instalment of your tuition fees:

  • compilation of the online change of study programme procedure in your Personal Area under the heading > Online student services - Esse3 > Change of degree programme. The compilation of the online procedure is considered as an implicit acceptance of the credit recognition sheet drawn up by the Campus Administrative Office/Department Teaching Offices;

  • payment of 16 euros in stamp duty using a credit card by going to your Personal Area and the heading "Payments". The transfer can only be finalised if you have paid stamp duty and the first instalment of your tuition fees;

  • Finalisation of your inter-university transfer request by the L and LM Student Career Area - after its conclusion you will receive a confirmation email.

Submitting your intra-university transfer request

You can submit your intra-university transfer request- applies to all Bachelor's and Master's degree programmes;

Transfer to Ca' Foscari from another University

If you intend to transfer to Ca' Foscari, you will need to ask for an assessment of your previous studies. The procedure involves the following phases:

  • registration on the University website;

  • eventual recognition of your credits;

  • in case of transfers to the subsequent years of limited admission degree programme in Sciences of Society and Social Service or of limited admission degree programmes, confirmation of available places and request for permission from the Enrollment Unit;

  • submission of transfer procedure to the University where you are currently enrolled, taking into account processing times of University of origin as well as of Ca' Foscari;

  • finalization of matriculation at Ca' Foscari.

You can only transfer to a limited access degree programme after your first year and subject to availability of places.

For the Digital Management Bachelor's Degree there are 13 places available.

Application procedure

To obtain recognition of your previous studies, you need to contact the Campus services for degree programmes in the economic area.

You will be asked to provide the following:

  • a signed self-certification document listing the exams taken and giving the following details: name of degree and classification, name of the university, name of exams taken including relative scientific disciplinary sector and credit weighting, grade and date taken. Check if self-certification is available in the Personal Area of your University: if it is not available or if not all the requested data is available, you can use the form on this page;

  • eventual exam programmes.

  • Admission to 2nd year of programme: you will need to verify placement availability as well as the requirements specified in the respective Calls of Admission. You also need to verify you have the prerequisite basic knowledge and that you satisfy the OFA requirements (Obblighi Formativi Aggiuntivi - Additional Learning Requirements) at the time of enrolment. You will not be able to sit for exams until these requirements have been met in full.

Request for recognition of credits

Recognition of credits must be requested by contacting the Campus Administrative Office/Department Teaching Offices by September 2019.

This means that you should take all the exams within the exam session of September 2019.

For the transfer from another course of Ca' Foscari to the second year of Digital Management, it is required a minimum of 48 credits in equivalent courses and not less than 30 in English (no more than 18 credits are recognized in Italian).

If you attended a bachelor degree in an economic or management program in English, the following exams will be recognized (TOTAL 48 CFU):

  • Mathematics for Decision Sciences 1 (6 CFU)

  • Mathematics for Decision Sciences 2 (6 CFU)

  • Introduction to Digital Management (12 CFU)

  • Fundamentals of IT Law (6 CFU)

  • Introduction to Economics (12 CFU)

  • Probability and Statistics (6 CFU)

The missing 12 CFU must be recovered (you should obtain 60 CFU in the first year).

The exam of Introduction to coding and data management will not be recognized (6 credit)

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