Summer Internships

Summer is not only for vacationing…

…or at least it isn’t for our students of the Bachelor’s Degree in Digital Management. In fact, many of them decided to spend their summer months in enhancing their professional experience by attending an internship.

Students could find their own opportunity or they could apply to the several internships offered by the H-Farm and Ca’ Foscari’s wide network of companies. There was no shortage of options in terms of locations, company size and topics: from Venice to Rome, from startups to international firms, from digital marketing to cyber security.

This is representative of the learning experience of the Bachelor’s Degree in Digital Management, which is highly-engaging, interdisciplinary, enriched by hands-on-experiences and project works. Internships are a great opportunity for students to practice what they have learnt during the courses, to enhance their soft skills, to gain professional experience and, last but not least, to prepare them to enter the job market.

We strongly believe in the importance and value of these experiences and for this reason students will need to take part in a 6-months Internship Project during the last semester of their last academic year.