Paolo Ganis presents Vitesy

The last lecture for this year by HxHuman Foundation.

Our students had the opportunity to talk with Paolo Ganis, entrepreneur and startupper who spoke about the difficulties and problems, but also the great satisfaction, in designing and launching a complex and innovative startup like Vitesy, which combines tradition and innovation, technology and nature.

From the identification of a problem to the development of a solution, leading up to the product creation and to the design of a solid business plan. Today, Paolo Ganis shared with the students the strategies that he utilised for the launch of Vitesy, a green startup that he co-founded to create solutions for the growing problem of indoor pollution.

"A study by the WHO indicates that indoor pollution is 5 times more harmful than outdoor pollution because it is odorless, invisible and because we breathe it for a more extended period of time. We looked for a solution to this problem and Vitesy was born."