Flow Generation - A survival guide for our unpredictable life

Yesterday Nicolò Andreula presented his book, written with Vera Sprothen.

Original, uplifting and peppered with a pinch of philosophy, Flow Generation is a timely and colourful guidebook for our fast-paced economic reality. 

Remember when clouds were in the sky, phones were in the wall and work was something we ‘went to’? Technology has changed that. Secure jobs have become insecure gigs, home is where the Wi-Fi is and our boss is an algorithm. And us? We’re all over the place, unsure about the future. All the old paths are crumbling. Unlike our parents we have no clear idea how to make it to retirement. It’s like our lives have turned liquid.

Flow Generation is a survival manual that wants to instill a sense of hope and optimism, telling stories and giving advice on how to deal with this "fluid" historical period.

Nicolò Andreula is an Italian economist and an expert in strategy, marketing and leadership. He is also Professor at our BA Degree with the enhancing course “Tech Disruption and Innovative Business Model”.