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Discovering the Internship Projects. Part 1

Read what Digital Management students have been up to during their Internship Project.

During the second semester of the third year, students of the Bachelor's Degree in Digital Management are involved in an Internship Project in companies that are part of the international network of H-FARM and Ca' Foscari University. In the coming weeks, we will share stories of some of the students who are currently undertaking their internship. Today we will read about Matteo Casotto and Sayna Eghbalpour's experiences, who are respectively working in Clementoni and Interlogica.

Matteo said "I chose to do my internship in Clementoni because I was sure that it would have turned out to be the ideal environment to grow professionally. Here, I’m learning from experienced people and the project I’m involved with matches perfectly with the skills I’ve acquired at university. I was curious to know how a company like Clementoni, a leader in such a “traditional” sector, has evolved in the digital era. For my internship project, I’m working in the innovation team with the goal of developing a crowdsourcing social platform to share ideas inside the company. This experience is helping me better understand this company that I’ve always admired. It’s a very exciting and challenging experience that gives me the opportunity to find out what I like to do and what I can do in the digital world."

Sayna said: "There are many IT companies in the market these days, but what makes Interlogica special is its culture based on Agile mindset, Hacker background and Trinity of management. I’m experiencing and understanding the importance of this culture, and since the digital world is at the heart of this BA, Interlogica feels like the perfect place to learn from experienced people and to evolve the skills I’ve acquired. So far, I’ve done analysis on public data related to the automotive market trends and related topics such as pollution. Thanks to the Agile culture of the company I’ve had a lot of freedom to explore and decide which direction I want to go with my project."

See you soon with some new Internship Project stories!