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Discovering the Internship Projects. Part 6

Read what Digital Management students have been up to during their Internship Project.

During the second semester of the third year, students of the Bachelor's Degree in Digital Management are involved in an Internship Project in companies that are part of the international network of H-FARM and Ca' Foscari University. In the coming weeks, we will share stories of some of the students who are currently undertaking their internship. Today we will read about Paolo Schiavulli and Alice Rigotto’s experiences, who are respectively working in Sophola and Project Officina Creativa.

Alice said: “I’m in a very a dynamic and innovative environment. Pitches, brainstorming and staff training are part of my everyday job. People are the strength of this company and, thanks to their sense of connection, they’ve made me feel part of their time from day one. During this internship I’m working on the development of an online platform, a brand new project that sees me involved in both the digital activities and the organization of the inauguration event.”

Paolo, who spent 3 months in Japan and is continuing his internship project in Italy, told us about his experience: “At Sophola, in Japan, I’m living an unusual, unique, and life-changing experience. It’s a startup that uses AI and deep learning to optimize the performances of marketing campaigns on Google and e-commerce platforms such as Amazon JP, Rakuten, and Yahoo. I’m working as a data analyst, a job that I find very practical and meaningful for my future career path: I’m increasing my technical knowledge in the field of big data, learning new softwares, and also improving my critical and decision thinking skills. I’m being taught useful techniques to develop strategic decisions and better understand the unique characteristics of the Asian digital market. Achieving this internship was not easy, I had to study more and follow extra-curricular courses at H-FARM to improve my soft and intrapersonal skills. Here, I discovered a new, very demanding business culture. In the first week, I received a severe but life-enhancing lesson from my boss, who explained to me how to navigate the work environment and how to deliver, present and discuss results with my supervisors. The Japanese business culture is so different, but cannot be described by words. Nevertheless, I am getting used to it ;) All the opportunities here allow me to come up with new ideas that, perhaps, I wouldn’t have had in Italy. After this internship, my plan is to explore other job opportunities both in small startups and bigger companies so that to approach both business perspectives. I could also launch my digital activity…”

See you soon with some new Internship Project stories!