Meet Valentino Vettori, founder of Arcadia Earth

A new lecture for our BA students

Tomorrow our students will have the honor to have Valentino Vettori  as guest lecturer.


Valentino Vettori, Italian-born, New York–based experimental artist, has created retail installations for brands like Vivienne Westwood, Diesel, and Century 21.


Arcadia aims to bring innovative brands, organizations, artists and activists together to showcase the best of the environmental movement and foster engaged conversation.


With immersive art experiences, community engagement projects and a solutions-driven marketplace, Arcadia provides an otherworldly platform to raise awareness about sustainability and circular design.


Arcadia Earth has landed in New York City. An 18-room exhibition powered by artificial reality that takes viewers on a mind-bending, multisensory journey, it features underwater worlds, mystical forests, and underground caves, including one made out of 44,000 discarded plastic bags: the number used in New York state every minute. Created to spotlight the biggest environmental threats facing our planet.