The Bachelor’s Degree course is limited to 140 available spaces. The quota reserved for non-EU students residing abroad is 20 places.
There are two admission periods to enroll in the course, one in spring and one in the summer.
Each session is made up of the entrance exam and pre-enrollment, which can be done in any order (you can take the entrance exam before or after pre-enrollment).



To take part in the admission session, it is necessary to:

  1. Take the entrance exam in one of the available dates
  2. Pre-register on the Ca’ Foscari website 
  3. Upload a motivational video in English

At the conclusion of the entrance exam, each student will receive a grade. Students will also have to upload a motivational video, which will be evaluated by the Teaching Committee.

The final ranking list will be draw up with the entrance exam grade and the motivational video evaluation. If a student has reached a level in the final ranking that permits admission, the student can proceed with the acceptance of the place and the enrollment. The required English B2 language certification must be submitted during the enrollment stage.



Every year there are two selection process: Spring selection and Summer selection
Italian, EU and extra EU with a visa students can find all the information regarding available places, timeline and requirements in the call fo applications.

The admission process includes:

  • Take the TOLC-E or English TOLC-E exam or SAT exam;
  • Fill in the application to the selection on the Ca’ Foscari website - here it is required the SPID;
  • Upload your motivational video in english, following the guidelines;
  • Check for your name on the final ranking list and proceed with the pre-enrollment or enrollment process and the payment of the tuition fee;
  • If you are not admitted, check on the repechage procedure.

Accepted candidates must upload a valid certification of English B2 during the enrollment process, otherwise the enrollment to the course will not be possible. More information regarding the certifications and the exemption cases at the following link.


Acceptance is granted through an entrance exam (TOLC-E or ENGLISH TOLC-E), for which registration is mandatory. To register, click on this link to the CISIA website and then click on “REGISTRATI”.
After entering and registering to the site, click on “ACCEDI” to book your space for the entrance exam.

The entrance exam has a duration of two hours and costs €30. This link will give you access to practice exams; the exam will test logic, text comprehension, mathematics and English.

Once you have registered for the exam on the CISIA website, you can choose your preferred location: the exam can be taken once per calendar month (from the first to last day of the month) at any of the CISIA-approved locations and is valid for all Economics courses on a national level.

For more information regarding the TOLC-E you can visit the FAQ session at CISIA webpage.

For the SAT test, please visit the dedicated SAT webpage.


For enrollment in the degree program, it is necessary to submit a valid language certification equivalent to the B2 level (corresponding to the First Certificate or an IELTS certification between 5,5-6,5) in order to enroll in the degree program. The Language Center of Ca’ Foscari (CLA) offers the possibility to take the necessary exams for the issuing of this certification.
The certification is to be submitted upon enrollment. By clicking on this link, you can check the English Language recognized certifications at Ca' Foscari.


The Bachelor’s Degree in Digital Management requires a maximum contribution equal to 7,665 € for each academic year, without any distinction between Italian/EU students and non EU students (the fee may vary for the next Academic Year).

Ca’ Foscari provides grants according to its “Student Act” for students who possess an economic/financial condition (ISEE for financial aid for the right to study) of less than 30,000€ per year.

Go to - pages: Tuition Fees and Financial Aid to check rules and eligibility.


Thanks to the partnership with Intesa Sanpaolo Bank, BA Digital Management enrolled students can have access to student loans to cover tuition fees and other expenses. This loan has favourable terms and conditions designed for students’ needs. No guarantee for the loan is requested from the students. More information here.

To request a student loan, please go to Intesa Sanpaolo website and follow the instructions for the "Per Merito". For further information, please contact

Thanks to the partnership with BNL, BA Digital Management enrolled students have access to student loans to cover their expenses such as: tuition fees, material expenses, accommodation and transportation expenses. You can find more information here.


Non-EU students need a student visa to enter and stay in Italy for study purposes. The time needed between first applying for an Italian student visa and later obtaining it, varies between countries. We strongly advise non-EU applicants to our program to discover, from their local Italian embassy or consulate, how to apply for a visa and the average duration of this process. As soon as you receive our letter offering you a place, which you will need to support your visa application, we suggest that you immediately apply for your visa. You might even consider beginning the first steps of the application process, if this is permitted, before receiving our letter.

If you are an international student and you wish to enroll at Ca’ Foscari, you can benefit from all the services offered by the Welcome Unit of the International Office. At the Welcome Unit, we will help you obtain your Tax Code and submit your Permit of Stay request. Moreover, a Buddy will help you to become familiar with university courses and with the various locations and services the university provides.

Click on this link for the application as an international student.


Welcome Unit

For more information please write to: