Italian Studies

International PhD programme, in partnership with:

Alpen-Adria-Universität Klagenfurt

Doctorate coordinator

Prof. Daniele Baglioni


Department of Humanities


For information on educational activities:

Gabriele Bolognini,

Malcanton Marcorà - Dorsoduro 3484/D, Calle Contarini
30123 Venice

Educational aims

The PhD programme is aimed at ensuring students gain complete proficiency in both the study of texts dating from the origins of the Italian language to the current day, and in parallel, the study of works in foreign languages which are produced in those same historical geographical and cultural contexts.

At use are philological, linguistic, historical-critical, hermeneutic and comparative methodologies, which are applied to texts expressed in Italian produced by both Italian and foreign authors, as well as those written by Italian authors in Latin, Greek, Occitan, Antique French, or in the modern foreign languages, including dialects and slang.

Research themes

  • Publishing, comment, and interpretation of literary texts from the middle ages to contemporary times;
  • Relationships between Italian language, literature and culture, and between the antique and modern languages, literature and cultures which have found themselves in contact with the former;
  • History of the Italian language, literature and culture;
  • Literary civilization of the Venezie;
  • Prospects of Italian literary criticism;
  • Humanist computer science applied to Italian literature texts (digital humanities).

Professional profiles

The PhD graduate will not only be able to practice the skills acquired not only within a University teaching environment, but also in private and public corporations and institutions (e.g., Italian and overseas cultural institutions, libraries and archives, publishing and journalism, digital humanities etc.)

How to apply and call for applications

Admission to Doctoral Programmes is gained through a highly selective application process, subject to international attention. Yearly the call for applications is published during the spring.



Last update: 18/01/2023