Historical, Geographical and Anthropological Studies

Inter-University PhD programme, in partnership with:

Università degli Studi di Padova

Doctorate coordinator

Prof. Giulia Albanese, University of Padua,

Doctorate coordinator

Prof. Anna Maria Rapetti, for Ca' Foscari University of Venice


Department of Humanities

Department of Linguistics and Comparative Cultural Studies


For information on educational activities:
Federica Napolitano:  segreteria@gesta.scuoladottorato.it


Department of Historical and Geographic Sciences and the Ancient World
via del Vescovado 30, 35141 Padua

Educational objectives

The PhD in Historical, Geographical and Anthropological Studies is an advanced course of study and research training. The Programme foresees the following areas of study: Historical Studies, Geographical Studies, Historical-Religious Studies, Anthropological Studies. It promotes the development of original and innovative research in these areas, improving methodological skills related to these disciplines. Strongly oriented towards internationalisation, the programme encourages doctoral students’ research experiences abroad in order to enhance an interdisciplinary perspective, also through intense teaching activity. 

The PhD Programme is held by the Department of Historical, Geographical and Antiquity Sciences (Dissgea) of the University of Padua, the Department of Humanities (DSU) and the Department of Linguistic and Comparative Cultural Studies (DSLCC) of Ca 'Foscari University.

Starting from the XXXVI cycle (2020-21), this course of study is a 4-year programme.

Research topics

Particular attention is paid to the history of European, Mediterranean and non-European societies over a two-thousand-year chronological period; to the study of cultural and social phenomena and transformations through the acquisition of ethnographic research methods’ and theoretical-methodological reflection on East and West religious traditions, in the ancient world and in modernity; to the encounter of natural and anthropic aspects of space.

  • Culture, Society, Identity
  • Powers and Policies
  • Digital Humanities
  • Public History
  • Historical-Religious Studies
  • Anthropological Studies
  • Interpretation of Spatial Phenomena, Relations and Processes

Professional profiles

  • Given their methodological and critical preparation in the field of Human Sciences, Doctors in Historical, Geographic and Anthropological Studies will be able to orient themselves towards:
  • Research activity at universities and other national and international scientific structures.
  • Teaching in secondary schools.
  • Employment in the public sector, in archives, libraries and museums, and in other sectors of public administration; in Italian and foreign cultural institutions.
  • Employment in private companies in the communication sector, corporate cultural policy and in the management of human resources.
  • Employment in the public and private sector with tasks of management, documentation and analysis of historical and archival heritage.

How to apply and call for applications

Admission to Doctoral Programmes is gained through a highly selective application process, subject to international attention. Yearly the call for applications is published by University of Padua.


Padua (Administrative office) and Venice

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