networking events

Inspirational talk with Olivetti: defining innovation between heritage and legacy

The Inspirational Talk, with Gaetano di Tondo,VP, Communication and External Relations Director at Olivetti — President at Associazione Archivio Storico Olivetti, was mainly focused on Olivetti's legacy and their tangible and intangible heritage embedded in Ivrea, industrial city of the XX century inscribed in the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2018. 

Inspirational Talk with Paolo Gentili

Paolo Gentili, Director PwC Italia - EGS Climate Change, presented to our students the findings of the PwC's State of Climate tech 2021 report: it shows how fast investment in low carbon technologies is growing and provides recommendations on where investors should look in the coming years.

Career Day

On the 8th of March, we design a very dynamic day to allow students to get in touch with the best national and international companies. It will be an interactive event, rich of opportunities to improve their skills and expand their professional network.

Inspirational Talk with Gianluca Campus

Gianluca Campus, Head of Legal Tech & Digital Innovation @ Sky Italia, was on Campus on the 4th of April to meet our students and talk about Cloud and Cloud Computing.

Inspirational Talk with Francesca Failoni

Alps Blockchain is a leading Italian specialist in research and development in blockchain technology and mining. 

Inspirational Talk with Paolo Denti & Fabio Puglia, Founders of Oversonic

Fabio Puglia and Paolo Denti, founders of Oversonic, met our students on Thursday, 31st of March to talk about their company and their vision: to support man and help him in the most repetitive, dangerous and tiring jobs, providing technological solutions that complement people’s daily lives while respecting the environment.

Inspirational Talk with Guido Lucarelli, Founder & CEO of B2X

Guido Lucarelli is Founder & CEO of B2X, an Italian renowned company for eCommerce Omnichannel solutions. After various experiences in the consulting area, in 2008 he became eBusiness Manager of ISED Group SPA, a company operating in the development of ICT systems for both public and private sector.

Inspirational Talk with Anderson Tegon

Anderson Tegon, Pepper’s Ghost founder and Art Director met our students on the 23dr of February.

Inspirational Talk with l'Oreal

The HR Department of L’Oreal met our Students on the 22nd of February.