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Master's Degree Programme in
Ancient Civilisations: Literature, History and Archaeology





Why enrol in this programme


gain an understanding of a wide time span and geographical span; develop knowledge in IT and hard science applied to archeology; prepare to join the Inter-University Postgraduate School for Archaeology in Trieste


benefit from a wide-ranging offer of epigraphy studies; examine inscriptions from linguistic and archaeological perspectives, and learn about technology and digital epigraphy


study the language traditions of the Classical world and of the ancient Mediterranean (Greek, Latin and other languages), becoming familiar with many different methods and approaches, including the use of advanced digital tools


build a study path focused on the Near East and Middle East, Egypt and North Africa; you can study history, archaeology and ancient languages (Egyptian, Akkadian) and gain an overview of a very long period of time, from prehistory to the Islamic period

Your future career options

become a teacher
in Italian secondary schools or, after completing a PhD, as researcher and university professor

become an archaeologist
works as an expert in archaeological research, cataloguing, conservation, protection and promotion, in Italy and abroad; work as a museum consultant or curator; work as a manager of archaeological parks; work as a tour guide; work in public or private institutions

work as a journalist
work as an expert in journalism and scientific and popular publishing; contribute to the management of exhibitions and cultural events in the field of antiquities; collaborate with institutions responsible for heritage conservation


All students must fill in their study plan every year in order to register for exams. 

For the academic year 2022/2022, students enrolled in the first year can fill in their study plan from 25th July 2022. Students enrolled in the following years can fill in their study plans when their exam sessions in September are over (please refer to the academic calendar). 
Study plans can be modified until 1st March 2023

For further information, please refer to the Study plan and exams page.




Malcanton Marcorà  
Dorsoduro 3484/D, Calle Contarini, 30123 Venice (Italy)