Admission requirements

For Academic year 2018/19, admission onto the Master’s Degree programme in Global Development and Entrepreneurship requires:

  • specific curricula requirements, matured with the obtainment of a definite number of credits in certain disciplinary fields.
  • an adequate personal preparation;
  • understanding of english language at level B2: process of verification and cases of exemption are indicated in the dedicated web page. Each understanding will be verified by the office at the moment of matriculation.

Matriculation onto the Master’s Degree Programme is subject to the possession of the above requirements.

For the evaluation of admission requirements, students must fill in the specific online auto-certification: results will be published in the “Evaluation Results” section of this website.

Applicable periods for completing the auto-certification and result publication dates are indicated in the specific section.

Minimum curricular requirements

Minimum credit requirements (CFU): 60 CFU in the following scientific-disciplinary sectors

In the field of Business
SECS-P/07 Business
SECS-P/08 Business Economics and Management
SECS-P/09 Corporate Finance
SECS-P/10 Organizational Behaviour and Design
SECS-P/11 Banking and Financial Institutions

In the field of Economics:
SECS-P/01 Political Economics
SECS P/02 Economic Policy
SECS-P/03 Science of Finance
SECS-P/04 History of Economic Thought
SECS-P/05 Econometrics
SECS-P/06 Applied Economics
SECS-P/12 Economic History

In the field of Law:
IUS/01 Private Law
IUS/04 Business Law
IUS/05 Economic Law
IUS/07 Labor Law
IUS/09 Public Law
IUS/10 Administrative Law
IUS/12 Taxation Law
IUS/13 International Law
IUS/14 EU Law

In the field of statistical-mathematics:
MAT/02 Algebra
MAT/03 Geometry
MAT/05 Calculus
MAT/06 Probability and Statistical Mathematics
MAT/08 Numerical Analysis
MAT/09 Operations Research
SECS-S/01 Statistics
SECS-S/03 Economic Statistics
SECS-S/06 Mathematical methods for Economics and Actuarial and Financial Sciences

In the case in which students are not in possession of the curricula requirements, they must retrieve them before enrollment exclusively by carrying out single programmes (Bachelor’s Degree level) at this or another university.

Personal preparation

Personal preparation is understood as an adequate acquisition of knowledge and understanding of the following fields: microeconomics and macroeconomics, management, mathematics and financial mathematics, descriptive and inferential statistics, public and private law.

Personal preparation will be verified by the Didactic College through CV and Cover Letter evaluation. Furthermore, carrying out an interview is required for students that are not in possession of the following qualifications:

  • degree class:

    • ex D.M. 270/2004: L-18 Science of Economy and Management; L-33 Economic Sciences; L-41 Statistics;
    • ex D.M. 509/1999: 17 Science of Economy and Management; 28 Economic Sciences; 37 Statistical Sciences.

  • minimum degree mark: 95/110.

Online application for auto-certification of admission requirements

There are three evaluation sessions provided:

Session Filling in of Self Certification Publication of Results
1st session Wednesday 2nd May - Monday 4th June 2018 Friday 22nd June 2018
2nd session Tuesday 11th July - Monday 27th August 2018 Friday 14th September 2018
3th session Tuesday 3rd October - Monday 5th November 2018 Friday 23rd November 2018

The verification of admission requirements can be carried out prior to completing all the required exams or to having graduated.

Before proceeding with the self certification of admission requirements, remember to arrange it in electronic format:

  • auto-certification of the degree with signed exams (in which the following is indicated: University where degree was carried out, classes and degree programme, degree data and marks, exams taken with the relative scientific-disciplinary sector and weighted credits). Check whether the auto-certification, completed with all the above information, can be printed from the personal area of the provincial University’s website; alternatively, use the model of auto-certification present on this page;
  • possible linguistic certification or useful documentation to certify belonging to one of the provided cases of exemption
  • CV and Cover Letter for verification of your personal preparation

Students and particular cases

If you participate in the evaluation as a student, during the completion of the self certification you must substitute the degree grade with the weighted average of the exams you have taken, and the degree self certification with the self certification of enrolment onto exams.

If you are a student on a degree programme of the Old Order (before D.M. 509/99), you must fill in the self certification of requirements online, skipping over the part dedicated to inserting your curriculum requirements.

If you have achieved a qualification abroad you must not no the self-certification online, instead you must verify the possession of curricular requirements and personal preparation by accessing the specific online procedure of evaluation.

Access to the application

The procedure is not yet available: filling in the self-certification can only be carried out during the period indicated above.

Evaluation Outcome: possible cases

The result of the evaluation will be published on the website: in cases of success you may proceed directly to enrolment.

Access will not be permitted if:

  • you are not in possession of personal preparation, you must fill in the self-certification online again to participate in a new evaluation session;
  • the inserted curricula requirements do not total the amount of credits required, you must collect them by taking part in single courses (Bachelor’s Degree level) at this or another University. Once you have obtained them, you may proceed with enrolment without accessing a new online application for self-certification of admission requirements;
  • the results lack either curricula requirements or personal preparation, you may proceed with enrolment only after having obtained the requirements by undertaking the single courses and verifying personal preparation with success by participating in a new evaluation session;

If you do not have possession of certificated understanding of English language at B2 level, once you have obtained the requirements you can proceed with enrolment without accessing a new online application for self-certification of admission requirements: you must insert the useful documentation to demonstrate linguistic understanding during the completion of the online application and enrolment.

Verification test for personal preparation


The verification for personal preparation will take place both for graduates and for students about to graduate, in classroom 5 of the San Paolo Palace in the Treviso Campus on the following dates:

  • 1st session: Tuesday 19th of June, 2.00 pm;
  • 2nd session: Monday 10th of September 10.00 am;
  • 3rd session: Monday 19th of November 2.00 pm.

Contents and method of completion

The test consists of an interview aiming to evaluate both the general understanding of the student on topics of economics, finance and politics (as well as subjects in light of the degree programme chosen), and why the student chose to enrol on the master’s degree programme selected.

Students must arrive at the test with the following:

  • A valid document of identification
  • Receipt for payment of enrolment fee

Students will have passed the test if their overall mark – an arithmetic average of the marks obtained from the interview (out of 110) and the degree grade – is equal or greater than 88/110.
In the case of students about to graduate, the final grade will only be calculated  at the moment of enrolment, on the basis of the grade achieved.

Methods of Enrolment

The call list will be published about a week before the date scheduled for the interview, in the ‘Evaluation results’ section of this site. To be admitted to the test you must:

  • Book through the specific procedure;
  • Carry out the enrolment fee totalling at 30 Euros:

The enrolment fee allows you to partecipate, at the same meeting, in the verification test for personal preparation for all Master’s Degree programmes within the Department of Economics.

Last update: 18/12/2018