Appeal registration

Online questionnaire on the evaluation of teaching

Thanks to the evaluation questionnaire on the course you may anonymously share your opinion on each course you have taken an exam for. It is compulsory to fill out the online questionnaires to sign up to take the exams.
The professors and university bodies will use these questionnaires to improve the learning material, the program and the content of the courses. The responses to the questionnaires [ITA] are summarized and published each year on the university website.

Registration for exams

Login to the personal area and register for an exam.

Appeal periods

Check when you can sign up for exam appeals and check the number of people signed up.

Appeal calendar

We encourage students to take into account any possible updates to the calendars and to keep these dates free, taking note of the location of the exams after the appeal registration lists are made available. In the January - May sessions, when there are two dates for the same exam, you can register for both.
Also see the appeal calendar for the different exam sessions throughout the academic year.

Exams session

file pdfExams session december 2018423 K
file pdfexams session jenuary-february 2019
the changes are highlighted in yellow
258 K


file pdfExam certificates achieved [IT]16.30 K

Inactive courses

Students who have to sit their exams for courses that are no longer running can find information on how to sit their exams and on the available appeals in the online files about the inactive courses [ITA]. To ask for assistance, contact the designated Campus for your course under Presentation > Contacts.


Last update: 13/12/2018