Double Degree with Université de Rouen

In the current academic year 2014/2015 Ca’ Foscari University of Venice has reached an interuniversity cooperation agreement with the Université de Rouen (France). This has led to the creation of a Joint Study Course, integrating the courses of the two partner universities and establishing periods of stay abroad for students and lecturers.

At the end of the course the students therefore obtain a joint academic qualification:

  • Master Degree in History from the Middle Ages to contemporary times from Ca’ Foscari University, Venice;
  • Master Histoire, spécialité Sciences Historiques from Université de Rouen, France.

For the Ca’ Foscari students selected, the study course comprises a six-month period at Université de Rouen during the first or second year and attendance at three university seminar courses with final examination. These courses are recognised by Ca’ Foscari with 30 credits (a quarter of the entire course).

Partner University website

Coordinator: Prof. Luciano Pezzolo

Department of Humanities : Dr. Simonetta Gardin

International Department

Admission requirements

Students enrolled in the Master Degree Course in History at Ca’ Foscari University of Venice are eligible for the joint diploma. 

Students who enrol in this Study Course must have a satisfactory knowledge of French. If not, the selected students will be required to know a satisfactory level of French.
In order to take part in the selection, students must apply following the procedures and observing the deadlines specified in the call for applications, published annually in April.

How to enrol

To be able to participate in the selection process, it is necessary to apply following the procedures and deadlines reported in the call for applications, published annually.

Double/joint degree selection results will be published on this webpage according to the specific timeline mentioned in the Annex A.

Calls and forms

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Equivalence between Université de Rouen courses and Ca' Foscari courses

After selection, students must contact the Coordinator of the programme for Ca' Foscari University of Venice (prof. Luciano Pezzolo) to agree in advance their study plan with the examinations to be taken on the basis of the equivalences between the Université de Rouen courses and the Ca' Foscari University of Venice courses.

Study period abroad

Ca’ Foscari students can contact the Coordinator of the programme (prof. Luciano Pezzolo) for information on grants and scholarships.

Before leaving

  • students must agree with prof. Luciano Pezzolo their course plan at the host university (Learning Agreement);
  • they must then fill in and sign the Learning Agreement and submit it to the Ufficio Relazioni Internazionali [International Relations Department] of Ca' Foscari;
  • for compilation of the remaining documentation necessary, the student must refer to the International Relations Department (Elisa Gamba).

During the stay abroad

As soon as the students arrive at the host university, they must report to the Service des Relations Internationales for submittal and signing of the following documents:

  • the Learning Agreement;
  • the Variations to the Learning Agreement form, if they wish to change the study plan submitted prior to departure (the changes must be approved by the project coordinator at both the university of origin and the host university, if possible before the courses begin);
  • the stay abroad confirmation form (only the first part concerning arrival at the host university has to be filled in at this stage).

Immediately after, all the documents must be sent to the International Relations Department of Ca' Foscari by fax (+39 041 234 7567) or email ( The student must keep the original copies.

Before returning to Italy

Before returning to Italy, students must fill in the second part of the stay abroad confirmation form (i.e. the part concerning departure from the host university and return to Italy) and have it signed by the host university.

Return to Italy

Once they have returned to Italy, students must submit to the International Relations Department of Ca' Foscari original copies of the following documents:

  • the stay abroad confirmation form, officially confirming the entire period of stay abroad;
  • the Learning Agreement and, if necessary, also the Variations to the Learning Agreement form, signed in all parts;
  • the Transcript of Records, i.e. the certificate with the examinations taken abroad;
  • the boarding cards and receipts for expenses (accommodation, travel), again in original copies.

Degree application

To submit their degree application, students of the Joint Diploma in History must follow the procedure established for all the other Ca' Foscari students. The degree dissertation will be supervised by a tutor of Ca’ Foscari University and a tutor of Université de Rouen.

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