Double Degree with Universidad Nacional del Litoral

Since the 2014/2015 academic year, Ca’ Foscari University has had an inter-university co-operation relationship with the Universidad Nacional del Litoral (Argentina). It was created as a joint study program, integrating the educational paths of the two partner universities and providing mobility periods for students and teachers. At the end of the course the students then get a double degree:

  • Masters Degree in History from the middle age to present at Ca’ Foscari University;
  • Licenciatura in History from the Universidad Nacional del Litoral.

For selected Ca’ Foscari students in particular, the course of study allows a semester at the Universidad Nacional del Litoral during the first or second year. Examinations taken at the Universidad Nacional del Litoral are recognized in the Ca’ Foscari as corresponding to 30 CFU of the Master(a quarter of the curriculum).

Partner University website


Coordinator: Prof. Marco Fincardi

Humanities Department: Dr. Simonetta Gardin

International Office:

Entry Requirements

Access to the double-diploma is open to students enrolled in the Master of History from the Middle Ages to present at Ca’ Foscari University of Venice. The call for applications is published every year around the month of April and can be downloaded from the Relevant Documents table of this web page.

To participate in the dual-degree program with the Universidad del Litoral, students must prove skill in the Spanish language at level B2 Common European Framework of Reference for Language and Teaching, or they may alternatively obtain a statement of CLA. The certificate can be achieved even after selection takes place, but definitely  before departure, therefore, the final date for achieving it is June 30th 2015.

How to participate

To participate in the double-degree programme, you must apply according to the procedures and deadlines set out in the advertisements, published every year around the month of April.

DJD selection results will be published on the devoted webpage according to the specific timeline mentioned in the Annex A.

Equivalences between Universidad del Litoral courses and those at Ca’ Foscari

After being selected, the student must get in touch with the contact person of the programme (Marco Fincardi) to agree the curriculum and exams to be taken on the basis of equivalence between courses at the Universidad Nacionaldel Litoral and  those at Ca’ Foscari.


Study abroad

The Ca’ Foscari student can contact Jorge Ramòn Centuriòn from the International Relations Office ( for information about any economic incentives and scholarships.

Before departing to go abroad

  • The student must submit the plan of educational activities to be followed at the host university to prof. Fincardi (Learning Agreement) and shall then deliver the Learning Agreement, completed and signed, to the International Relations Office at Ca’ Foscari.
  • The student must compile the remaining documentation required, and must refer to the International Office (

During the mobility

Upon arriving the host university, the student must go to the Universidad Nacional del Litoral Secretaría de Relaciones Internacionales Movilidadestudiantil to deliver and to sign the following documents:

  • The Learning Agreement;
  • Any changes to the Learning Agreement, should students wish to make changes to the educational activities plan submitted before departure (changes must be approved by the programme coordinator of both the University of origin and also that of the host university, prior to the beginning of the course);
  • confirmation of stay abroad form (to be completed at this stage in the first part on arrival at the host university).

Soon after, all documents must be sent to the Ca’ Foscari International Relations Office via e-mail ( or via fax (+39 041 234 7567). The student must keep all original copies. 

Before returning to Italy

 Before returning to Italy, the student must have the second part of the confirmation of stay form completed and signed by their host university abroad (ie the part related to departure from the host university for returning to Italy).

Upon returning to Italy

Once back in Italy, the student must submit the following original documents to the International Relations Office at Ca’ Foscari:

  • the confirmation of the stay abroad form, which officially shows the entire period of mobility carried out;
  • The Learning Agreement and, if necessary, also the form with changes to the Learning Agreement, signed in their entirety;
  • Transcript of Records, ie the certificate with exams taken abroad;
  • boarding passes and supporting expenditure (accommodation, travel), in their original form.

For information and appointments, email

Graduation Application

To apply for graduation, the Double Diploma in Language Sciences student must follow the procedure laid down for all other Ca’ Foscari students. The dissertation will be assessed by a Ca’ Foscari invigilator and co-rapporteur from the Universidad Nacional del Litoral.

Last update: 04/10/2018