Workshops for Archeology sp.

The Archeology SP workshop is structured into 9 sessions, of which 3 are active during the whole year:

whilst the other 6 are activated in alternate years:

Attendance and enrollment

Registration to attend the workshops is compulsory. Please send an email both to the laboratory teacher and to the tutor ( providing your full name, your Ca’ Foscari enrolment number and e-mail address.

The lectures are carried out roughly between november and may, please check the webpage of each course for updates about the timetable. 

Attendance to the laboratories is strongly advised (max. absence allowed 25%).

For further information, please contact the tutor dr. Alice Lucchini

ECTS registration

Prof. Carlo Beltrame will register the ECTS for students who have fulfilled all requirements.

Last update: 22/11/2023