The internship is an integral part of the course of study of the master's degree "Work, social citizenship, interculturality". The internship is paid 10 ECTS and can be of different types:

  • professional placement for graduates in social work
  • professional placement for students with a degree other than that in Social Services
  • non-vocational training
  • apprenticeship abroad

The internship can be replaced by the recognition of work activity

Internship tutor

The internship is led by University Tutors, who have annual assignments for a limited number of hours. For the academic year 2018-2019 the Tutors in charge are:

Students duly enrolled in the second year can access the internship.

The request must be sent by completing the attached form, by the end of May each year, to the address In October of each year a plenary meeting is organized for the presentation of training courses and the assignment of tutors to the requesting students.

Types of internships

For students in possession of a three-year degree in Social Services who do not exercise the profession of Social Worker and who intend to explore the topics related to it in-depth. For these, placement in social services is envisaged to guarantee an increase in knowledge and acquire good operational autonomy, with the possibility of participating in research projects. The duration is 250.

For students with a bachelor’s degree other than that in Social Services who intend to exercise the profession of Social Worker. These students are offered the possibility of a course consisting of a professionalizing internship of 450 in duration that refers, in content and methods, to the 1st and 2nd module of the bachelor’s degree course in the Sciences of Society and Social Services. The experience, virtually divided into a first part of knowledge and observation (around 220 hours) and a second part of experimentation and autonomy (around 230 hours), takes place with the guidance and supervision of a professional social worker.

In order to carry out this type of internship it is necessary to include in the study plan, among the supernumerary credits, the following courses of the bachelor’s degree course in Sciences of Society and Social Work: Methods of Social Services (12 ECTS, FT0526) and Theories of the Social Service (6 ECTS, FT0264). The corresponding exams must be passed before the internship begins.

The students referred to in point 2) can in any case sit the State Examination without having followed the path described above, choosing instead the other types illustrated below.

For students who intend to carry out non-vocational training. Supervision of the student's activity by the host institution must be carried out and conducted by personnel with proven experience.

Within this typology is also included the apprenticeship aimed at carrying out / collaborating on research that is developed both in the university and in other Welfare institutions or services.

The experience must take place within organizations and services in line with the educational objectives of the degree course. The duration is 250 hours.

The apprenticeship must be carried out at institutions and services that are relevant to the educational objectives of the bachelor’s degree course and must be conducted with the supervision of a social worker or other professional figure.

This type of apprenticeship is not indicated for students who do not hold a bachelor’s degree who intend to do professional training (450 hours)

For the start of the internship, the reference sector is Apprenticeship abroad,

Students working as social workers, or who work in various capacities, carrying out activities related to the welfare system and related to the training objectives of the degree course can apply for recognition of work activity carried out in public and private bodies, and social cooperatives. Minimum duration of the employment relationship: 6 months.

The evaluation of the work activity, and of the attached report, is carried out by the University Tutor.

The Teaching Committee or its delegate will validate the activity for the purpose of assigning the educational credits in the student's career.

Students will deliver the duly completed and signed documentation to the Secretary of the Humanities Campus Services.

Start of the internship - obligations

At the end of the first year the students complete the Internship Assignment Form and deliver it by May 31st by e-mail to the Internship Coordinator  ( )

To activate the internship and acquire all useful information, students must contact the Secretary of the Humanities Campus Services,

The list of Conventions activated with public and private entities can be consulted in the Reserved Area.

Students can autonomously contact companies or organizations and propose the activation of the convention for the start of the internship, following the instructions published on the page Activate an internship. To complete the training project, the student will use the appropriate application and follow the published instructions. The student is required to view the Internship Rules before meeting the reference Tutor or even at the first meeting with the Tutor to whom he/she is assigned.

Last update: 29/07/2022